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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4 Why you gotta lock us out
Pros: Simple, easy to use network scanner.
Scan quality is acceptable for documents.
No jams doing various household scans jobs. No more than like 16 pages, but some were folded in an envelope.
Android 4.2.2 with a fully functional usb port. I tried everything from wireless keyboards, mice, usb drives, all work as expected on an android device. Plug in your desktop keyboard and do windows key + B to bring up a web browser, then Google the appstore named after a rainforest
1 Gb storage for apps, 5.5 gb storage for data. I’m assuming this is where the temporary scanned images go.
Hardware powerful enough to stream video using plex, pandora, youtube, etc, although the internal speaker is sort of lacking.
Cons: Scan speed in color is kinda slow
No support for pages beyond legal sized. It just cuts off the rest of the page
The app the runs the scanner could use some updates. I’ve gotten it to lock up a few times which required a powercycle.
I’d really like to see a one-button scan feature. It takes way too many button presses to do one scan job.
No SMB support for scanning directly to a network share. You need to run a program on a PC somewhere to send files to it.
configuring scan to email via Microsoft Exchange 2010 using anonymous authentication throws an error, but yet it still works fine.
Physical keyboard required to break out of the scanning app
Other Thoughts: I really like this device. For it’s intended purpose it works pretty well. I can digitize my snail mail without booting my laptop. It would work equally as well in a small workgroup setting. Each user would just run the software on thier desktop, and when they scan they can select their pc from the list using the touch screen.

Breaking out of the intended purpose, it could really be sort of like a stationary android tablet. I’ve installed plex, pandora, and several other apps from the alternate app store, and they all work great. I don’t understand why plustek prevents you from exiting the scanning app to access the rest of the system. Give the community a SDK even so apps can use the scanner.

You could buy an android tablet and connect a USB scanner to it for less than the price of the scanner, and it would be basically the same thing. You’re paying probably $300 premium for their software, which really isn’t that great.

The nature of the default GUI being a captive portal and the small bugs that I’ve encountered along with the lack of 1-touch scanning are the only reasons I don’t give it 5 eggs. Overall, if you are looking for a simple scanner that doesn't require a PC, this will do it's job quite nicely.
Reviewed By:N/A,5/2/2015 9:25:40 AM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is Somewhat High and has owned this product 1 week to 1 month.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4 Must have for small office
Pros: What a great product. Easy to use, easy software, apps that work! I’m actually pretty impressed. Fast scanning with text, articles, receipts, forms, etc. On par and maybe even slightly faster than my Fujitsu ScanSnap s510 (which is older, but still a work horse), great foot print too! This thing will not take up a lot of room on the desk! The interface is beautiful and well thought out. I really like that, easy to navigate and understand. Having an easy to use menu will make you actually want to use the device. Scanning from the network (wired and wireless) work GREAT! Nice and fast and the client application is light and does not use a lot of resources. EVERY small business owner should have something like this. It will make your life that much easier. The display! It’s great, easy to read and nice and bright! I like that. The ADF worked fine for me but I never really had more than 15 pages to scan. I was sending typical paper print outs from my laser jet. No jamming or binding. I also had pretty decent results when scanning titles and checks. I had one check feed weird and that made the scan look strange, but no other issues. I cannot begin to explain how nice it is to be able to scan a document and send it right to your phone or via email to someone. This thing is a MAJOR time saver in the small to medium business world! It will also make you more organized too, being able to archive receipts and registration cards, stuff like that!
Cons: The price keeps this thing limited to small business use. I can think of a number of home users (some personal friends of mine) that would want / could use something like this. But I do not think that they would get the most out of it. Scanning can take time depending on the amount of color and how the DPI is set, not really a surprise, but do not expect this thing to blow through a color scan like a high end scanner that you would find in an enterprise workplace. Warranty is only one year. This makes me sad, I know that it is more of a “retail” thing, but a device like this should carry more warranty life. I don’t really remember off the top of my head, but, I do know that other companies that make scanners like this have an upgradable warranty, which might be good to have if you are going to be doing a lot of scanning... But honestly, if you’re scanning more than the duty cycle of 1500 per day, you’d be looking elsewhere anyhow…
Other Thoughts: The one thing that I noticed right away was the documentation. I honestly did not have an issues setting this thing up, or figuring things out, but there will be people that think that the documentation is not that well done or even inexistent. Luckily the PlusTek website is VERY easy to navigate and has everything that you would need; docs, drivers, etc. So… Do yourself a favor and if you think that you’ll be buying this thing, head on over to the site and download the small 5.5MB user guide to check things out and see for yourself how easy this device is to use and how intuitive it is. Plastic cards, like drivers licenses and credit cards can also be scanned with this machine and they come out GREAT! Just make sure that you load the embossed face of the card up and remove the pad module before you load the card to scan. This is really a nice feature to have if you need to scan media like this. You can also do simple document editing on this device. It works, not the best, but you can do simple things which is nice. Flipping documents, adjusting brightness, cropping, etc, work pretty well and are time savers if you just need to get that scan quickly out to someone. I really liked that feature! Duty cycles seem pretty good with this scanner but only time will tell how long of life I will get out of it. I really think that this device will live a long life if dust is kept out of it (so when you are done using it, cover it with something) and not scanning documents with fibrous paper, you know, the cheap stuff… To get the most out of this device I REALLY urge you to read the documentation from PlusTek’s website. But shame on them for not including something in the box, a quick start guide is not good enough for most people and for the price you would think that there would be some kind of decent book to read... But other than that, this is a solid device for the most part and I REALLY like it more than my ScanSnap and I think you will too!
Reviewed By:Max F.,5/1/2015 11:51:56 AM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is High and has owned this product 1 week to 1 month.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3 Not Ready For Primetime
Pros: * Small footprint
* Nice looking
* Very attractive touch screen interface
* Fast scanning at lower resolutions
* Scans a wide variety of paper weights. It scanned plastic ID cards with no problem.
* It scans both sides with one pass.
* Basic setup scanning to USB was simple following the included guide. (a newer version is online with a bit more info)
* The hardware seems to be well built
* Able to run OCR automatically on a document before saving to your PC.
* You can save scanned files to the most popular Cloud services. (Maybe?)
* An OCR application and a document handling application are on the included disk.
* It saves documents in PDF and the standard image formats.
Cons: * Documentation is pitiful. Aside from the quick start guide and a separate sheet that gave WIFI instructions, there is none, neither is there any on their website. Although there is a OCR application and a document handling application on the included disk, along with the offer to sell you the super duper versions, there are no drivers and no link to drivers or anything else.
* You will have to push all of the buttons on the machine to find out what they do. Did I mention no instructions? You will eventually find the Client software that you can save to a USB to install on your computer.
* There is no firmware update (It really needs it) despite there being an update utility in the settings. The update utility asks for a USB drive with the update file.
* you cannot see the scanner from your computer, so no applications that allow you to import documents from a scanner will work. This includes the two applications that came with the machine.
* There is no way to save a document to Network Attached Storage. I will only save to Windows and Mac machines with the eScan client software installed. A work around is to save to a PC that has the NAS setup with an assigned drive letter.
* You can rotate or trash scanned documents, tapping the document opens additional utilities to crop and adjust the brightness of the document. There is a problem, however, there is NO save or cancel buttons on this page!!!! You are stuck. You must turn the power off and restart to get out of it!!
Other Thoughts: I am very disappointed. This is potentially a very nice scanner. My main complaints are software related and lack of documentation, which can be corrected. It does a good job of scanning to your PC and automatically running OCR before saving. It also saves scanned documents as a PDF file.
While it does scan directly to email, It is a bit difficult to setup. I'm not sure who would use this feature or why they would use it,when it is easier to scan the doc to my computer and send it from there. The same goes for saving to the Cloud.
Reviewed By:Bubba,4/30/2015 9:10:57 PM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is Somewhat High and has owned this product 1 week to 1 month.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4 Good scanner for your home office or small business
Pros: • The scanner has a small footprint, measures 12.5” by 7” sitting on your desk, about 10 inches high, much smaller than I expected.
• Vibrant 7" 1280x800 pixels with IPS wide view multi-touch color screen, it allows for touch scrolling as well, very impressed, wish my all in one printer/scanner/fax had such a nice interface
• No need to connect to a computer to transfer scanned files, completely standalone
• The built-in software is quite comprehensive, there are settings for sound, display, security and a whole bunch of other features
• Connect scanner either by Wi-Fi or Ethernet to your home or business network. Connecting to my home Wi-Fi network took me seconds, connection was stable and had now issues for my wireless computers to see the scanner after I installed the client on the PC.
• Full QWERTY on screen keyboard
• Documents can be transferred to the user via USB, PC connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, mobile device over WiFi, email…need to have an email server set up, FTP and cloud, so many ways to get your scans across from the scanner
• The on board software have some PDF tools that you can use to combine and split PDF’s and TIFF files
• It has some cool features such as watermark, blank page removal, punch hole removal and blank page split, this can be found under scan settings
Cons: • Although the foldout “Quick Guide” comes in 13 languages the guide is very basic and poorly written, does not cover any of the setup and users instructions you would expect. The guide only tells you connect via Ethernet, does not mention connection via Wi-Fi at all
• CD Rom comes with no drivers, only has NewSoft PageMagaer and Abbyy FineReader. The drivers are available on their website, why not include it in the CD?
• Accessing higher DPI settings, above 400 DPI, you need to go into Advanced settings, makes no sense, why not include those option on the main menu under Quality. The same goes for Format and Color Mode as well, the main menu gives you two options, again you need to go to advance to access more options
• The scanner is not cheap, maybe for a small business but for home office it is much more expensive that all in one scanner/printer/color combo units on the shelves today
Other Thoughts: Even with the lack of a detailed setup/installation guide, setting up the plustek eScan A150 was a breeze, very straight forward, connect the power cord and in a few seconds you will see the nice IPS touch screen display. The on screen menus are all very laid out, intuitive and easy to navigate. Connecting to the WiFi to my home network took only seconds so no issue there.
Calibration was done without an issue, it took the first time unlike what another reviewer mentioned, I must say I nearly threw away the piece of calibration paper as it is not mentioned in the Guide at all
In order to send a scan to a PC over network you need to first download and install Plustek eScan client from the Plustek website, after you scan a document it will then give the option to send the document to USB, PC etc, if you choose PC it will then give you the option to choose the PC, the client name will come up on the screen, you can then send the document to that…simple as that. The scanner is not super-fast, especially at higher DPI, at 600 DPI in color it took a good few minutes to scan 10 pages, so don’t expect the scan speed to match that of a B&W laser printer, go make some coffee or drink a beer.
All in all a very nice scanner for either home office or small business
Reviewed By:N/A,4/29/2015 8:11:54 AM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is High and has owned this product 1 week to 1 month.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 1Rating + 1Rating + 1Rating + 1Rating + 1 nowhere near the bang for buck expected
Pros: The unit is compact. The screen is of sufficient size to easily hit the buttons you want without much worry of hitting the wrong button. It appears to have a screen protector already installed on the screen, which means it is protected from the moment you receive it. It can scan the front and back of a page simultaneously. It includes abbyy finereader, I have used this software in the past and it exceeded my expectations. The ability to load multiple pages and walk away is very convenient. It's nice to be able to select where to send it. a pc, usb, phone, server, or cloud.
Cons: unfortunately this list is long.

*the scanning on anything but 200 dpi is painfully slow. Even cheap printer/scanner combos will out pace this and at a higher resolution.
*After scanning the interface is slow and very laggy. Sometimes an error will pop up saying it has stopped responding.
*Even though Abbyy Finereader is included, it requires a computer to use it. I imagine it being included is part of the reason it costs so much more than similar units.
*the capacity of the loading tray is less than half the stated capacity.
*There are many quick access settings on the main screen, but they are limited. Only 2 file output types even though it is capable of 6. Only 2 color types, even though it is capable of 3. 2 dpi's though it is capable of 5, And the paper size must be selected from the advanced settings menu, and is not even present on the main screen menu.
* the unit includes an extra feed assist pad. While this sounds great at first, it implies that it will wear out and need to be replaced, and eventually the second one will need to be replaced as well. I was unable to find it online.
Other Thoughts: At first glance the unit seems like a good deal. Lot of features, and the promise to make work a breeze. The units slightly wonky interface, and painfully slow performance quickly prove this to be false.
Reviewed By:N/A,4/29/2015 2:12:34 AM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is Somewhat High and has owned this product 1 week to 1 month.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Fujitsu > Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Deluxe Bundle Scanner for PC and Mac (PA03656-B015)

Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4Rating + 4 ix500 Scansnap Deluxe
Pros: Fast & wireless are the two biggies, also has usb3.0. I bought after reviewing comments and researching for some time.
Cons: No "batch capability" built in to the programming through Scansnap. It also has no Twain drivers but I knew that. (but it should)
Other Thoughts: This may not be a fair appraisal of the scanner since I only had it unboxed and set up for an hour or two. I have no doubt that it might be all others have raved about. Certainly the wireless is a plus.

This unit was for a home-office environment that does both Real Estate and Lending.

So they took return and I bought the fi7160, which is double the money and not wireless but does have usb3.0 and Does also have Paperstream which contains both Twain drivers And various batch filing including some complex capabilities. It is also even faster and a lot gets done in a little time......paper then goes right into the shredder after dealing with just once!

PS-the return was very quick and professional, Thanks NewEgg!
Reviewed By:BC,4/28/2015 7:01:13 PM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is Somewhat High and has owned this product less than 1 day.
This user purchased this item from Newegg

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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3 OK for some things...not ok for others
Pros: - Small, doesn't take up a lot of desk space
- Nice touch-screen interface
- Variety of destination options (PC, mobile, cloud, FTP, email, USB)
- Wired or wireless Ethernet connectivity
- Single pass scanning for both simplex and duplex pages

I put the scanner through a moderate amount of work, across a variety of documents. It performed well within a narrow range of use cases, namely if I was scanning a small amount of B&W documents.

So, if your intended purpose is to scan in simple office documents and get them stored into an FTP site or a PC - then this scanner is perfect *if* you feel like spending the asking price, which is quite high for that type of usage.

Another use case that passed my testing was mobile devices. Plustek actually has a decent, simple iOS app that makes your device (iPad in my case) show up as a destination. This worked very smoothly although the app had to be running - I didn't see a 'background' setting. I can imagine some professionals who need to load up their mobile device with scanned in client or case documents could use the efficiency of this type of workflow.
Cons: This scanner has quite a few "cons", many of which the prior reviewers have hit upon. Here's my list:

- The quick setup guide is missing an important point. It basically says "go look at the user's guide for more info". Um, what user's guide? Of course, the guide is found online but they could have given a hint at least. I had to Google for it -- and once on the correct website I had to hunt a bit to find the PDF user's guide. The CD that comes with the scanner didn't even have the user's guide on it! You are almost "tricked" into installing SW you might not even need, because you think the CD means something regarding setting up the scanner. Nope.

- I could not get calibration to work. Constantly got a message "calibration failure", and it didn't even seem to TRY to run calibration. Oddly, the user's guide completely skips over this process so it almost seems like they know calibration has issues so they ignored the subject in their user's guide. That's pretty lame.

- Forget 50 sheets in the document feeder at once. I have no idea how Plustek came up with this number - I could not get reliable function over 20 or so at most.

- Color scanning even on high quality modes, is washed out. Nobody is going to want to screw around with gamma correction or do post-processing to get their color scans to look good. I'd say you can pretty much forget it if you think this scanner is going to be your answer for color documents.

- Scanning in general on 400 or 600 DPI is painfully slow. A duplex four-page color document from hitting the "scan" button to being ready to save, was 90 seconds. Then another almost 20 seconds before it would send the document to the destination.

- The receiver tray is poorly designed. If you have more than 5 or 6 pages being scanned, if you walk away plan on picking up your pages off the floor. Yes, I had the "catcher" extension arm folded out...didn't matter.

- The user interface is odd. You can pick one of two quality modes by pressing that spot on the screen -- but to access the full range of modes (200 through 600 DPI), you need to go to advanced settings? Why?

- Firmware updates look like they will be a multi-step process. This thing is internet connected, so why can't it get firmware/SW updates directly from Plustek? Instead, it seems like you have to first go get the update yourself, put it on a USB flash drive, stick the flash drive into the scanner then go through the menu system to complete. Yuck.
Other Thoughts: Here's hoping Plustek dials in a software upgrade to take care of most of these issues. If they get the processing speed to be a better and take care of some of the rough spots (color image quality, multi-step menu navigation) - they could have a winner on their hands with this little scanner. Otherwise, at this time it really isn't providing enough value for the price.

Oh, and PLEASE put the user's guide on the CD or at least a link to it -- as well as the PC client software. Why make your customers go hunt for these things on their own?
Reviewed By:C.Luke.C,4/26/2015 4:10:45 PM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is Somewhat High and has owned this product 1 week to 1 month.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 2Rating + 2Rating + 2Rating + 2Rating + 2 Good interface, slow scanning
Pros: Software:
Interface is extremely user friendly. The A150 offers networked options for many common office and education friendly storage services including Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box and Evernote.

There are save options for PC and Mobile devices and both of these took some time to configure. The PC option is only available after downloading the eScan client from PlusTek's website - it is not included on the CD. For Mobile devices you are required to download the PlusTek app from the Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iPhone). Both options work great, once configured. However, the Mobile option may be a liability to your company if you are trying to prevent documents from being sent outside of your company.

The included software includes Newsoft Presto! PageManager 9 and ABBYY FineReadre 9.0 Sprint. PageManager is a nice software that allows you to quickly navigate through your scanned documents and rapidly transmit them at the click of a button to other applications. ABBYY FineReadre is an OCR software that works well for printed characters, but poorly for written.

Quality: The quality of the scans is very good. Compared to rapid, office scanners that I have used, there subjectively appears to be less noise at comparable resolutions using PDF output mode.

Physical: Gorgeous 1280x800 7" display. Minimal footprint. I did not have any issues with the document feeder, but only tried 15 pages total.
Cons: Installation:
When trying to connect to my WiFi router, the scanner gave the error: "PlusTek isn't responding. Do you want to close it?" When I selected yes, the interface went all white and I had to turn off and on the scanner to reboot it. I had to do this three times, before it connected to the WiFi without issue.

No scan drivers with the included CD - has to be downloaded from PlusTek. Update is also not available via WiFi.

One thing that frustrates me about the interface, is it allows you to configure two: scan modes, color modes, format modes or quality modes. From the home screen you are able to easily toggle between the two modes by clicking on the button for the respective mode. However, if you have more than two options you frequently use (i.e 200dpi, 400dpi, 600dpi), you will have to go into the advanced settings every time you want to use these other options. Plustek could have avoided these unnecessary dialog boxes by using drop-down menus on the home screen.

E-mail is disabled by default and you can only configure one send account at a time. You also have to type in the send to e-mail every time you scan something - no address book. If you are planning on using this scanner in a small business situation (and based on the cost, you probably are), this is a bit of an inconvenience. Although you have many other options for saving the scan files, in my experience e-mail is still the preferred method for delivering documents. It goes directly to the user's account and they can access it without remembering another password for the cloud or dealing with the hassle of IT opening a port through the firewall for the scanner to access a network share. Not essential, but convenient.

Glacially slow. Scan times for a single 8.5" x 11" document in the various modes:

Color Simplex (JPG):
100dpi - 10 seconds
200dpi - 13 seconds
300dpi - 19 seconds
400dpi - 36 seconds
600dpi - 1 minute, 17 seconds

Color Duplex (JPG):
100dpi - 12 seconds
200dpi - 22 seconds
300dpi - 34 seconds
400dpi - 1 minute, 5 seconds
600dpi - 3 minutes, 42 seconds

Even after scanning, clicking on the "save option" can add another 10 seconds of processing time! To PlusTek's credit, these match or beat their advertised specs.

In comparison, my wireless Brother printer/flatbed scanner that I bought for $99 scans the same simplex document at 300dpi in the same amount of time (20 seconds). An all-in-one Ricoh printer advertise that they will scan in only 10 seconds.

Warranty: 1 year warranty is disappointing, but typical for this type of product.
Other Thoughts: For half the price, you could purchase an all-in-one Ricoh printer/copier/scanner/fax that will scan in half the time and be more versatile. This may be offset by the scan quality of the A150, but it still is something to consider. This scanner has a solid, user friendly interface, however is comparably slow and overpriced. PlusTek has a potentially great product, but should focus on increasing the processing power to speed up image acquisition and reduce cost, possibly by reducing the size of the screen and dropping the bundled software. Security features should also be incorporated, as well as minor UI tweaks. For a device that sells itself as plug and play, it could stand to be improved, such as including drivers and a help menu for troubleshooting.
Reviewed By:N/A,4/25/2015 9:17:34 PM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is High and has owned this product 1 day to 1 week.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3 not bad but could be better
Pros: Positive

After receiving the email to review this for I went online and found an iPhone app and installed it. Not much to it. No settings no options in the app. Only a page to report problems and the main page.
When I received the scanner I found it to be very well packaged for shipment. After unpacking and looking over everything I plugged it in and it booted in seconds. Very nice. Also the scanner feels very solid and not like many others I've seen.
Setup: Ethernet very simple just plugged it in and your set. WiFi super simple too, touch a few screen buttons ,enter your wifi info and your done. Email also very simple to setup and connected first try. You will need to enter your email provider server and port information but don't worry, they give a cheat sheet with the more common providers.
I tried to send to my iPhone and no problem if you have the app open on your phone otherwise it does not see the device.
The computers on your network take a little more time to setup. You receive a cd with your scanner, put it aside and get yourself a USB flash drive and do a quick format with default settings as the scanner will only recognize it that way. Then install in USB port on the side of the scanner and download the correct client, only windows and Mac is supported. Take the drive to each computer and install it, rebooting when done. Now get the cd and install the software and register them. Pick your preferred options, enable OCR if you need it and the correct folder to save to.
I don't have a FTP account so no review on that. I'm sure it's as easy as the cloud setup which was super easy too. Just add your account info and done. When you look for your documents, I used Dropbox , they will be in a folder named apps/scantocloud.
The scanner itself is very well built and so far no paper mis-feeds. It comes with an extra pad module and a cloth to clean the screen. It has a small foot print and can be placed anywhere for ease of use. There is a button on top left to release the front cover and release tabs on either side under the cover to install and release the paper feed. The lower tray pulls out and retracts for smaller foot print.

App has to be open on mobile device to receive documents. This should be able to work in the background.
There should be more options or instructions on setting up cloud storage to company servers or home cloud drives.
Price is a bit high
Other Thoughts: I think this is a good product but can be better for what this is being sold for. Example would be complete setup from the cd instead of getting software from the scanner USB port. Why not have the cd install the software then update all of it over the internet like Apple does?
Reviewed By:GaryBe,4/25/2015 5:31:04 PM
This reviewer reports that his/her technical understanding of this type of product is High and has owned this product 1 day to 1 week.
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Categories > Document Scanners > Plustek > Plustek eScan A150 Sheet Fed Document Scanner

Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3Rating + 3 Mixed bag on a few levels
Pros: • Compact and sturdy build
• Easy setup
• No PC needed for setup or use
• Quality touch screen
• Includes free software
• Good packaging with no frills
• USB port is conveniently located
• Plustek website is easy to navigate
• Good user manual available for download
• No need for firmware updates
• Small software footprint for connected clients
Cons: • Included instructions are next to worthless
• Issues with security levels for Google Drive
• Scanned image speed is not befitting of a $600 price tag
• Had to remove two-step Google account security to receive scans
• No user profiles (for individual scan job settings)

My notes will start here:

The Plustek A150 is a real mixed bag for me. It performs reasonably well, but the limited configuration options make it better suited for home use, or possibly for a very small office/business.

Build quality is solid, with a small desktop footprint. I’m not a fan of touch screen devices as I have dry finger tips that usually make for a lot of frustration. The A150’s screen was fantastic. Bright and easy to see, and very touch-responsive. Setup was extremely easy – Ethernet connection, power to wall – hit the switch. I stuck a flash drive in the sole USB 2.0 port, ran a quick alignment, then loaded ten pages from a script I had been working on. Paper fed perfectly, and then I was presented with options on where to send the job. Selected the flash drive – completed in a few seconds. I removed the Ethernet cable, and tried the same test using the included Wi-Fi – worked flawlessly, with no connectivity issues.

Installing the client software was a simple process. I just used the software version on the included disc, and there were no issues. After you scan your documents, you select “PC”, and you are then presented with a list of named devices. Sending to Gmail/Google Drive presented issues. I configured the required outbound information, but was not able to connect to the device. Some digging on the internet had me drop the two-step security for Gmail, and pretty much bottom-out the security settings for Google Drive. Once I did that, I was able to save my scans without issue. This seems to be a common theme across most of the reviews so far for the A150. This is one of the areas that makes me see the A150 as being better suited for home use, where security measures are usually lax.
Other Thoughts: Unlike some of the other reviews, I had no issues with poor paper feed performance. I used Office Depot 22lb bright white paper for my testing, and the A150 took three 50 page feeds with no issues. I also ran a few sheets of heavier card stock through, and things were fine. To top things off, I ran a mix of various sized coloring book pages from my daughter’s art desk. No issues with the jagged edges, and varying sizes.

User settings are pretty minimal on the A150. At this price point, I would expect the ability to setup a few user/job profiles for more efficient use. You are given plenty of output types (JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc.), and transition between screens showed little lag. Overall scan performance was solid at 200 DPI, but changing the output to 600 DPI was unusable. 400 DPI wasn't much faster, with 300 DPI being the sweet spot. The thought of scanning a 50 page job at 600 DPI would be unthinkable in a working office.

So like I said, a real mixed bag. At middle of the road settings, the A150 performs at decent speeds, and gives quality enough output, but the minimalist interface, and lack of custom profiles seems better suited for home or SOHO use. Bottom line -- I expected faster performance, and greater configuration options at the $600 price point. I have to question who this device would really be targeted for, as all offices have some kind of computing presence, and most documents are built within some kind of software suite (Microsoft Office for example), so the ability to email, save to a file share, or a flash drive, well that would already be built in and ready for use.
Reviewed By:Eric R.,4/25/2015 1:41:57 AM
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