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Which Digital Camera is Right for You?

For serious photographers, a smartphone's camera simply won't capture an image as well as a digital camera. By only having a single function, cameras can capture far-superior, a higher-resolution picture than any mobile device. Finding the right camera and accessories could make all the difference between beautiful, professional-level photos and a blurry, grainy image.

A photographer should consider what is going to be asked of his or her prospective camera before making a purchase. For example, a partygoer probably would not enjoy carrying around a bulky, professional-grade camera that is only used to take one or two pictures during the festivities. They may consider a small point-and-shoot or mirror less camera that captures clear photos but is small enough to fit into their pocket.

Digital cameras can be fragile, so users who want to document outdoor adventures might want to invest in a more durable device. Some cameras have padding and shock protectors so they can survive hard falls and even limited time in the water. A camera like that would likely be perfect for a hiker who is concerned about the odds of the device falling down a hill.

For serious hobbyists and professionals, DSLR cameras are available. These devices take high-quality pictures by combining the mirror system used in traditional film cameras and the latest digital technology. Photographers will be able to capture images almost exactly as their eyes see them. DSLR cameras, unlike many others, can support peripheral lenses to enhance angles and shots. Depending on which lenses you buy, you could increase the range of a camera, increase focus or change the amount of light that is filtered into an image.

Photographers of every skill and interest level can find the right device for their needs. Whether you're a professional photographer or a master of the point-and-shoot, Newegg has a digital camera, such as the Canon EOS 5d Mark II, just for you. We also have the perfect accessories for your camera, including camera cases, camera flashes, camera flash memory, tripods, and digital photo frames.

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