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Hotstar Annual Pack Gift Card (Email Delivery)
Hotstar Annual Pack Gift Card (Email Delivery)
  • Specifications: Redeem your PIN at hotstar.tappp.com
  • Disclaimer: Annual Access Terms and Conditions Redeemable for Hotstar annual access only. Price is inclusive of all taxes. Card does not expire. For one-time use only, such that the entire value of the card will be credited to your Hotstar account upon redemption. This card is notredeemable for cash and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash except where required by law. This card is not for resale. Neither the issuer nor Hotstar is responsible for any lost or stolen gift cards or use without your permission. IN THE EVENT A GIFT CARD IS NON-FUNCTIONAL, YOUR SOLE REMEDY AND OUR SOLE LIABILITY WILL BE THE REPLACEMENT OF SUCH GIFT CARD. This card is issued by Swissclear Global, Inc. and can be applied only to purchases in the U.S. No shipment outside the U.S. Not for use outside of the U.S. Use of this card con...
  • Model #: HS-4999
  • Item #: N82E16832607005
  • Return Policy: Consumable Product Return Policy
  • $49.99 

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