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To customize your product or gaming PC Case simply select your product from the items listed on this page. Select Add within your shopping cart to Add Engraving or on the product page select Personalize Your Computer Now to activate our laser engraving services.

Does your service allow tempered glass etching?

All items found on our Laser Engraving service store are eligible for laser engraving service.

Can I add a custom design to my computer case?

Currently, our laser engraving service allows you to only laser etch customized text to your product. However, stay tuned for future updates.

What size font and how many characters can I use for laser engraving?

The laser etched font size goes by pixels, since monitors can vary in size. Using Pixels during the laser engraving process allows consistency in font size across all builds. The sizes are as follows: 19 means .25 inch , 37 means .50 inch , 56 means .75 inch. You can have 2 lines of text which include 15 characters per line.

I added my customized text to get laser engraved and checked out, what’s next?

After checkout please allow the expected processing time of 7-10 business days after checkout, during this time our team of expert pc engravers will be hard at work ensuring your laser engraved product is customized to perfection.

Check out our KB here to learn more.