The RBR 1000 Watt power supply
80 PLUS Bronze Certified

The RBR 1000 Watt power supply is 80 PLUS Bronze certified and delivers up to 85% efficient performance under typical loads. This high form of efficiency saves energy, reduces heat in your computer system, decreases fan noise and prolongs the PSU’s life span so you can maximize your gaming activity.

 The RBR 1000 Watt power supply

A semi-modular PSU design comes with only the essential cables pre-attached. This allows for some customization of additional cables, plus reduced clutter and better airflow compared to non-modular PSUs.

 The RBR 1000 Watt power supply
Silent & Stylish Blue LED Fan

The 135mm double ball bearing blue LED fan keeps your system running at peak performance with Auto Fan Speed Control. The fan turns slowly at low temperatures to reduce power consumption and fan noise to near silence. When temperatures increase, fan speed will also increase. This extends the fan’s life span, reduces energy consumption and decreases the odds of over-heating.

 The RBR 1000 Watt power supply
 The RBR 1000 Watt power supply
Rosewill RBR Series
20+4 Pin x1, 19.7 in
8 Pin - EPS x1, 19.7 in
4+4 Pin - EPS x1, 19.7 in
Single PCI-E x2, 19.7 in,
x4, 17.7 in
Molex + 4 Pin Floppy x2, 17.7(m), 23.6(m), 29.5(m), 35.4(m), 41.3(f) in
Molex Only x2, 17.7(m), 23.6(m), 29.5(m), 35.4(m) in
SATA Only x1, 19.7(s), 25.6(s), 31.5(s), 37.4(s) in

*LEGEND: (in) - inches, (m) - Molex Connector, (s) - SATA Connector, (f) - Floppy Connector