Rosewill Gaming Keyboard

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Rosewill's line of sleek and stylish Gaming Keyboards are built to improve your PC gaming experience.

Rosewill Gaming Keyboard

Blitz K50 RGB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Outemu Blue Switches

Built with Outemu blue mechanical switches and N-Key rollover to prevent ghosting when pressing multiple keys simultaneously.

Dedicated Macro Keys

6 built-in dedicated macro keys conveniently placed to allow you to record and perform command chains at the press of a single key. Take your gaming to the next level or simply improve your productivity while on your PC.

14 RGB Effects

Add some flare and style to your gaming PC setup with the 5 customizable RGB modes and 14 pre-programmed backlighting effects featured in the keyboard.


  • Mechanical Outemu Blue Switches
  • 14 RGB backlight effects
  • 5 customizable backlight modes
  • 6 dedicated Macro Keys
  • N-Key Rollover, 100% anti-ghosting
  • Dedicated media buttons and volume control
  • 2-port USB passthrough and palm rest
  • Software Suite
Rosewill Gaming Keyboard

Built for Gamers

The Blitz K50 RGB was built specifically with gamers' needs in mind. The Outemu blue switches add tactile response and the six dedicated Macro Keys add improved speed and precision to your game.

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Dedicated Media Controls

Allow you to quickly play, skip, pause, or adjust the volume directly on your keyboard.

Sony Portable Speakers

USB Passthrough

2 built-in USB passthrough ports provide additional ports to connect your mouse or other devices to your computer.

Sony Portable Speakers

Software Suite

The Blitz K50 RGB software suite allows you to customize your keyboard configurations and save up to 3 profiles that you can load instantly, depending on your preference.

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About Rosewill

Rosewill Inc. was established in 2004, as a go-to resource for PC components and accessories. Over time, it has expanded its product line to include consumer electronics, home appliances, and more. For nearly two decades, Rosewill has remained dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality, reliable products to help accomplish everyday tasks.