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The RHST-20001is a do-it-all 3-tier food steamer with 9.5Q capacity. The 3-tier stackable design allows you to simultaneously steam meat, vegetables and more. an LCD screen allows you to time your steamer up to 90 minutes for low-maintenance meal preparation. If you'd prefer to schedule your meals in advance, a 24-hour cooking delay option allows you to plan your food preparation a day in advance. Quick heating

Rosewill Headphones

3-Tier Food Steamer

  • 3-tier Food Steamer with 9.5qt capacity
  • LCD screen
  • 90 minute timer and 24-hour cooking delay options
  • Quick heating system
  • BPA Free and dishwasher safe
Rosewill Headphones

Rosewill Home Essentials
Our line of Home Essentials is meant to equip you with tools, gadgets, and appliances to make your everyday life easier and more efficient so you can spend more time focusing on the people and things you love.

Rosewill Headphones

Digital Control Panel

  • 90 minute cooking timer
  • 24-hour delay
  • Quick Steam Mode

4-Piece, 3-Tier Steamer.

Rosewill Headphones
Rosewill Headphones