The Lenovo Store at Newegg

Lenovo® laptops, tablets, All-in-One (AIO) computers, and desktops provide you access to the latest developments in hardware technology. The devices contain powerful components that help perform complex calculations and render information fast. Harness the power of modern Lenovo laptops and other computing devices to increase productivity in your office.

Take Your Work Anywhere

Lightweight, thin Lenovo business laptops, such as the Flex 6, range in size between 10.1in. to 14in. for easy carrying in a briefcase, purse or backpack for the frequent traveler. Larger but light models, such as the ThinkPad® E15, vary between 15.6in. and 17in. widescreen displays. Get plenty of screen space and resolution for working with multiple windows or editing videos and graphics on the road. For crystal-clear images, choose laptops and notebooks with Full HD, high-resolution displays, like those offered by the IdeaPad® 5. Some 2-in-1 Lenovo laptops have a touchscreen that makes navigation and input easy for improved efficiency. Lenovo also offers cloud-centric Google Chrome™ OS in its Chromebook™ models, so employees can easily upload files to a Google Drive™ account for secure access wherever they go. The long battery life of up to 18 hours on a single charge means you get more done when away.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Detachable models like the IdeaPad Miix 520 combine the portability of Lenovo tablets with the processing power of a Lenovo laptop. These units have keyboards that fully detach or fold away to switch tablet mode for personal and business computing purposes. The included pen in some models has easy-access right and left buttons on the shaft for additional data interaction options. Lenovo Windows® tablets make it possible to run multiple, familiar apps simultaneously without lag, while Android™-based tablets provide access to unlimited productivity apps via the Google Play™ store.

Save on Desk Space With Lenovo All-in-One Computers

An AIO computer combines all the components of a tower PC into a flat-screen monitor, making it suitable for areas with limited workspace. Additionally, all-in-one computers have no or little cable clutter, making setup easy and fast. A smaller, lighter Lenovo IdeaCentre® AIO is easy to pick up and take to another office without calling the IT department. A capacitive touchscreen display makes it ideal for creative work and other similar jobs that require a similar level of precision.

Cover All Computing Needs With Lenovo Desktops and Towers

Lenovo ThinkCentre® desktop models provide optimal flexibility for upgrading configurations  and incorporating peripherals. Add storage space by swapping out a hard drive or SSD to accommodate larger digital images, videos and audio files. These kinds of desktop computers also offer the option of upgrading video graphics cards for improved gaming or consistent video-streaming experience. Tower-type PCs are appropriate for gamers and programmers who demand the capacity to operate with high speed in a space-saving design. Some models have built-in Bluetooth® technology for sharing information with tablets and phones.