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Intex Swim Center 90in x 90in x 2in Inflatable Play Kids Backyard Swimming Pool
Intex 20ft x 10ft x 48in Prism Frame Oval Swimming Pool Set Ladder, Cover, Pump
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Solaxx SafeDip 6 In 1 Digital LCD Chemistry Tester Swimming Pool and Spa Reader
Taylor K2006 Complete Swimming Pool Water Test Kit for Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity
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The size of your above ground pool determines the outdoor pool accessories you need and the activities you can do. For swimming laps, look for a long pool that accommodates turns. Consider deeper options for diving or paddling, or when planning on hosting pool parties and gatherings. Consider a shallow pool that lets younger swimmers splash and soak without concern for the depth. Look for pool accessories to keep the water safe and clean, such as water testing kits or digital water readers that help you know when to add chemicals. Use fun pool accessories like sports balls, diving gear and inflatable lounges to enhance your experience.

Pools Come in a Variety of Sizes for Different Uses

When considering an above ground pool for swimming, playing or soaking, the dimensions are key. Swim laps in a long, rectangular pool measuring at least 32ft by 16ft by 52in. This type of pool comes with a galvanized steel frame for support. Soak with up to four people in an inflatable swimming pool measuring 6ft around and 20 inches deep. Pools with 5in. sides allow enough water to fill the basin for babies to play safely in shallow depths.

Clean Pools Provide a Safe Play Environment

Outdoor pool accessories help keep the pool and water clean. When choosing pool accessories, consider a water testing kit. The kit helps you test the chlorine levels and adhere to water-safety guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Water testing kits also check for alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH levels and other chemicals that may be in tap water or rain water. A test kit tells you what chemicals should be added to keep swimmers safe and the water clear. Use an LCD digital water reader that collects and tests the water for chemical levels with the press of a button. Pool cleaning kits that come with a manual skimmer and a vacuum that connects to the filter help you remove leaves and other larger contaminants. Clean debris from the water surface with a strong, mesh-net pool skimmer. Match the attached aluminum pole length to the depth and width of your pool.

Toys and Floats Create Fun and Safe Play

Play sports, learn to swim or practice diving with pool toys and floats for an above ground or inflatable swimming pool. For adults, there are classic pool lounges or giant floating rafts that hold multiple people. Inflatable games like volleyball and basketball help you create a pool play center. For children, inflatable arm rings, swim vests and other outdoor pool accessories and toys help them keep their heads above water, and can aid in teaching them how to swim. Kick boards made of lightweight EVA material support children and adults as they learn to swim. Fun pool accessories let kids practice diving skills with weighted rings and sunken treasure. Expand their pool adventures with snorkels, face masks and fins.