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Razer Base Station V2 Chroma: Chroma RGB Lighting - Non-Slip Rubber Base - Designed for Gaming Headsets - Classic Black (RC21-01510100-R3U1)
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Enjoy music and communicating for work or gaming with Razer™ headsets and accessories. Many come with a microphone, which allows transparent online conversations. They are available in multiple unique colors to meet any preference. The surround-sound property in headsets is helpful for frequent gamers, signaling the spatial position of each sound. Individuals can calibrate the audio settings of some earphones to achieve a specific sound aesthetic. Sufficient cord lengths give enough room to play or move without yanking the driver out. Razer headsets with leather are available to accommodate long-term users who enjoy a timeless look for their audio tools. 

The Next-Level Headset Design Offers Simple Wear

Lightweight Razer wireless headphones do not add pressure while wearing them for an extended period. Ear cups with foam adjust to ears of different shapes, and they minimize external sounds such as traffic noise. Adjustable microphones are a practical component for gamers so that everyone can find the right position. It is possible to detach the microphone headphones when they are not needed. The ergonomic shape of the headbands provides a balance while wearing earphones. Razer offers in-ear headphones as well, fitting for sports enthusiasts who prefer extra lightweight audio equipment which still offer durability. Large dynamic drivers improve bass performance, which is practical for producing music or enjoying your favorite tunes. Wireless variants are compatible with other Bluetooth® headsets and accessories for use with a strong signal.

Audio Aesthetics Deliver Rich Sound

Whether intended for PC or console gaming, these Razer headsets deliver tangible surround sound for an immersive experience. Game and chat sound balance is adjustable to fit everyone's preferences. 360deg. positional audio adds a natural effect while playing video games, especially the ones where the sound location is vital for successful gameplay. Spatial awareness makes music listening sessions more enjoyable, providing the full stereo sound, with deep lows, warm mids and crisp highs. An optimized acoustic chamber on each headset product produces clean frequencies without lag or interruptions. Volume, pitch and equalizer settings are intuitive and easy to manage while gaming or working. Some Razer gaming headphones have a design that is meant for specific games such as StarCraft II. Such models provide real-time feedback about a player's progress and status in the game.  

Accessories Improve Functionality While Adding Style

Versatile headset accessories include base stands that allow users to store or display their headset, or to connect drives with audio files via USB ports. Choose from multiple unique colors when choosing Razer headset accessories to find a fitting combo that matches your PC, keyboard and other computer hardware.

Headset Specifics for Different Uses

Speech intelligibility in Razer headsets includes voice prompts in English and German for clear communication. It is an essential aspect for business employees who need to keep track of incoming calls. Cooling, gel-infused ear cushions enable frequent use with minimal sweating. Choose from a full array of Razer headphones and accessories as a gift to a loved music enthusiast or gamer.