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Holy Stone - HS170 Mini Racing Drone Indoor Quadcopter Toy
Holy Stone - HS170 Mini Racing Drone Indoor Quadcopter Toy
  • Range: 30-50 Meters
  • Flight Time: 6-8 minutes
  • Camera Type: No Camera
  • Controller: 2.4GHz
  • Model #: HS170
  • Item #: 9SIAGAZ75M5714
  • Return Policy: View Return Policy
  • $22.99 
  • Free Shipping
FQ777-124 Pocket Drone 4CH 6Axis Gyro LED Light Quadcopter Palm Size and Portable Include Spare Propeller&Rotor Protector 2016 Hot Gift
  • $47.99 
  • Free Shipping

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All remote control toys have a transmitter, which is a remote capable of sending radio signals. Inside the toy, a receiver receives the radio signal and activates the motors based on your commands. From trucks to helicopters and drones, there are plenty of models out there to satisfy the needs of both children and adult collectors. For kids who are interested in STEM and robotics, there are also RC toy robots with lots of fun features.

Smart RC Toy Robots Teach Children Coding and STEM 

Toy robots can spark creativity in children and teach them some STEM and coding concepts. They can do plenty of cool things like talking, telling stories, dancing, singing and fighting. Some robots have infrared remote controls, while others can work with a smartphone thanks to dedicated apps. Most come with a USB charger. There are toy robots for every age, from toddlers to teens. Some have a voice recognition feature, so your child can teach them to respond to certain commands. 

RC Toy Drones Are Easy-to-fly and Offer Many Exciting Functionalities

Quadcopter toys are cheaper than grown-up drones, but they still offer many exciting functionalities. They are easy to fly to match children's skill levels. Some have additional kid-friendly features like automatic landing, headless mode, low battery alarms and auto-hover. Some kids' drones are even capable of taking aerial photos and videos. Bigger quadcopters with gyroscopic stabilization are ideal to play outdoors, while smaller models can fly indoors without the risk of damaging furniture and windows. For extra safety, you can choose a model with propeller guards.

RC Vehicles Drive Fun for Both Children and Hobbyists

Radio-controlled vehicles are popular among children and adult hobbyists. They can help your little ones to develop motor skills. Toy-grade and hobby-grade RC vehicles have different specs. The grown-up models have more power and functionalities than the average toy-grade RC car. However, they are also more difficult to use and require extra maintenance. For hobby-grade vehicles, there are replacement parts available. Many toy-grade models have kid-friendly features, like obstacle avoidance, that make them easier to operate for little pilots. Some RC toy cars can automatically follow a colored object or perform particular stunts.

RC Helicopters Can Accommodate All Skill Levels

There are several types of RC helicopters, suitable for both children and adults. Toy-grade models are pretty sturdy to resist multiple crashes. They are easy to fly, although they provide less precision and durability than hobby-grade models. Micro coaxial helicopters are in the grown-up category but are still beginner-friendly. Micro single rotor fixed pitch models are simple to fly thanks to their stabilization features, and they offer better performance than the micro coaxial ones. Single rotor collective pitch helicopters are for experienced users. Typically, they are more expensive than other types. There are spare parts available to fix or upgrade all hobby-grade RC helicopters.