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We are a relatively well-known e-commerce company which can give you a fast, Superior, and Valuable shopping experience.

We have best supplier chain management system: the most categories, the widest range of products, the fastest frequency (Days sales of inventory<40 days), the most characteristic of Internet, targeted “large and comprehensive” products can keep customers’ shopping appetites, frequency so as to improve customer stickiness.
Select us,Select quality life.

The key products of our store are RC Drones and cars ,Some tool products,We also have many other categories of products, you can click our seller store to see more products.

*NOTICE:We have always trusted Newegg customers, just like customers trust us, you may see that some of our products may be slightly more expensive than peers, please believe that our product quality is absolutely the best and can provide you with The most professional customer service *
**Please contact us for resolutions before leaving any negative feedback. We will make things right ASAP. Leaving negative feedback can't solve any problem,We have a professional service team here ready for you.
****If you are going to request an RMA please take a picture of the product and email us. We will respond within 24h. Thank you.
**If you are satisfied with our products or customer service, please give us a good comment, your support is our greatest motivation.
***** What we like most is the customer experience, we appriciate it if you can give us your most valuable suggestions (such as products, stores, customer service, etc.), we will take effective measures to improve our customer experience.

Please accept our apologies for the bad logistics.

Due to the COVID-19, the increase in the number of orders, various festivals, bad weather, and limited transportation and staff availability, items need more time to be delivered.(Ships from china about 10-15 days,Ships from US,about 5-7 days).

Because of these ongoing challenges, we are trying to adjust its limited resources to continue processing and delivering items. We are currently working to solve this problem in various ways.

The lack of staff availability has affected the processing, transportation and delivery of items. We know that customers need to receive goods in time, especially daily necessities, holiday gifts and electronic product.

We made every effort to deliver these items. Although the staff is limited and the delivery time of packages and items has increased, we have been working hard.
Thank you for visiting our store!

Best wishes to you and your family.

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