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🚚 When purchasing more than one item, please consult us before subscribing whether it is super material! Super materials cannot be shipped!
⚠️ After the order is placed, the content cannot be cancelled or changed. Please confirm before placing an order. If the order cannot be automatically cancelled before shipment, the representative has been sent to the warehouse. Although the system does not show that the order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled directly after entering the shipment process, and will be sent directly.
⚠️ Inspection and test will be conducted before shipment. In case of missing delivery or wrong inventory, talk about the notice again. Please check at the first time when receiving the goods. If there is any defect, please contact us on the day of receiving the goods (and take a complete picture of the white order details in the commodity package and send it to us). The return and replacement freight of the defective products shall be borne by our store. If you have any questions, please use chat to communicate. Don't use evaluation as contact. Less than 5 stars are regarded as bad comments. Perfectionists please bypass.
⚠️ Except for defective products, they will not be returned or replaced after unpacking or use. Due to computer color difference and other problems, perfectionists shoot carefully. The packaging is secret ~ there are no keywords. Please rest assured to buy ~ have a good shopping!
❣️ In case of buyers who give bad comments maliciously, we will give back the bad comments and deal with the blacklist. Please don't trample on our labor force.
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