Cennbie Leather is a factory specialized in manufacturing leather table mats. The founder of the company, Mr. Feng, is a leather goods enthusiast. He likes to use various leather materials to design various large-size table mats, because when Mr. Feng puts his hands on When placed on a large-size leather pad, it seemed as if facing the sea that made him feel broad and unrestrained.

To this end, Mr. Feng has designed 90*40cm, 100*50cm, 120*50cm, 130*60cm, 150*70cm and other large rectangular leather cushions, and designed a variety of L-shaped leather cushions for the L-shaped table, in order to make The table mat better protects the desktop, makes the desktop more beautiful and tidy, and makes the user more comfortable.

In order to ensure the comfort of the leather pad, Mr. Feng carefully selected the material of the leather pad. From hundreds of fine artificial leather materials, he selected a handful of hand-feeling, environmentally friendly, abrasion-resistant and smooth surface (good for the mouse sliding) leather.

In order to have a good user experience, Mr. Feng also attaches great importance to the details of the product, and sutures the edge of the leather pad, which is not only beautiful but also makes the leather pad stronger. A leather buckle is added to facilitate rolling up and fixing of the leather pad; a cloth bag that can be tightened is included, which is convenient to store the leather pad and carry it out for use.

Nevertheless, Cennbie Leather and Mr. Feng are still constantly designing new products, and there will be more exciting new products coming out. Oversized leather pads bring surprises!
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