"Ceramic Honeycomb Heating Technology" is the exclusive patent of the Milin brand.
We are inspired by the firing of porcelain. Each ceramic honeycomb panel is carefully
crafted by the top ceramic masters in Jingdezhen, China for 65 days. We integrate
ceramics into the hair dryer. Exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology make
it more expensive.This is a hairdressing artifact that every girl should have.

Negative ions
This hair dryer can release negative ions in both cold and hot air conditions.
Effectively anti-static, moisturizing your hair, and making hair smooth and shiny.

Ceramic infrared
Infrared can penetrate the scalp, promote blood circulation of the scalp. Soothing
your scalp, stimulating the activity of the scalp, and preventing hair loss.

Low frequency radiation
Ceramic heating has uniform heat, sufficient air volume and extremely low current
radiation of 0.31 mg (ordinary hair dryer is 140-200mg). Suitable for sensitive groups
such as mothers and children.

Strong power
We adhere to the concept of environmental protection for using 1100W DC motor.
One-button cold air switching, two-speed settings. Large air flow and 45% energy

Constant temperature
The 87°C intelligent constant temperature system eliminates the risk of overheating,
quickly drying your hair while protecting your hair and scalp from burnt. Avoid fires
caused by improper use.

Safety material
Shell material is made of PA66, which is acid resistant, corrosion resistant, fireproof
and resistant to falling. Light weight to 435 g.Stylish shape design make it easy to hold and carry.

Different diffusers
The professional hair dryer is equipped with different diffusers to meet the needs of
straight hair, curly hair, short hair and long hair. Just enjoy salon-level hair treatment
at home by yourself.

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