Products shipped from Chinese mainland, according to different regions and product weight standards, the delivery time is 5-21 days. The time limit for international express UPS and DHL is 3-15 days (except for special cases).

Important: When the goods are in transit, all refund applications from buyers will be rejected, because the logistics company has a distribution protector. If it is not delivered within a certain period of time, we will take the initiative to make a refund. You don't need to take the initiative to apply. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, we will follow the information all the way. If it is not delivered within 40 days, we will automatically process it and refund it.

There is a 30-day deadline for the return and exchange of our orders. If you buy the wrong product, are not satisfied with the product, or need to return it for a refund for other reasons, please contact us by mail at the first time, and take a photo of the package you received as evidence and send it to us for processing. (All return orders that don't give us photos won't be processed quickly, and need to wait until the seller receives the goods. )

Please fill in the refund reasons truthfully, and we will verify them and reject all malicious evaluations and refund reasons.
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