Engage Engineering is a small contract manufacturing company located in Carlsbad, CA. We specialize in designing and manufacturing accessories to the mechanical/optical/electronic field. These products are cameras, video projectors, night vision scopes, fiber optic lasers, etc. We have been in business supporting this opto-mech market since 2003. Our team consists of 2 mechanical engineers, an Operations manager, a business manager, and some super qualified technicians and assemblers.
In our past, we have been selling our products directly to specific customers. We feel that now is the time to get into selling in the commercial marketplace.

We are very proud that our experience, quality, and attention to detail is what earned us the JVC Outstanding Supplier Award. We are committed to continuing that with all of our future customers.
Engage Engineering is also committed to remaining ISO 9001 Quality compliant. We currently enjoy it's benefits of organization and structure. It actually makes our lives easier and more responsive to the variety of questions that customers have.

For more information, see the Engage Engineering website; engageeng.com or go to Engage Engineering’s company video on YouTube.
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