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The EUREKA ERGONOMIC brand was created in Sacramento, the capital of California. "Eureka" is a Greek word that appeared on the California State Emblem in 1849, meaning "I found it." It represents the history of the discovery of gold mines in California. It is said that the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes chanted "Eureka!"
The EUREKA ERGONOMIC brand was founded in 2000. It has developed at a miraculously fast pace over the past 20 years into a well-known home furnishing brand that consumers love. The 2020 decade will usher in an upgrade of the EUREKA ERGONOMIC brand. The purpose of the brand is to provide a more comfortable and personalized living space that helps contemporary adults build a more idealized lifestyle and find stress relief and enjoyment in life.

Enterprise purpose: make only the best household products in the industry .
Brand purpose: provide people with a more comfortable and personalized living Space.
Company vision: create a new industry and become the leader of the global home furnishing market.
Brand vision: become the world's most fashionable, professional leader in the home furnishing industry.
Company mission: Let our customers fall in love with our products at first sight, and take care of our employees.
Brand mission: Focus on trendy home furnishings that let you express your Personality.
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