KUU is a young brand of laptop.
We focus on laptop and are committed to bringing customers the best experience with the most affordable price.
We are more and more firm in the pursuit of cost-effective Road, in the continuous absorption of customer feedback growth.
If you like our products and services, please leave a Review and contact us. We will be very appreciated to you.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service, we will do our best to help you solve the problem.
KUU Official Store Customer Service
WeChat Account: 18822884200
Email: support@kuu-tech.com

Our logistics services:
In addition to Newegg's SBN warehouse, we also have 2 US warehouses in California.
Even if there is no stock in the US warehouse, don’t worry, we only use DHL Express or UPS to ship from China to the US,
and it can usually be delivered within 3-5 business days.

The Warranty Policy:
Free returns and replacement within 1 month, and free maintenance for non-artificially damaged products within 3 months.

Common problems and solutions for laptops.
1. Question: Why the lap tops are stuck in Bios mode?(The laptop cannot read the hard drive.)
Answer: This is caused by the loosening of the hard disk due to long-distance transportation. You can remove the back cover of the computer and reinstall the hard disk.

2. Question: The laptop is turned on, the power led lights up but the screen is black and there is no display.
Answer: This is also due to the problem of loose video transmission lines caused by long-distance shipped. Need to remove the back cover to reconnect the video transmission line.

3. Question: Why the laptop cannot connect to the Internet after reinstalling the system, there is no sound or Bluetooth is not available?
Answer: After reinstalling the system, some (random) drivers may be lost and some functions cannot be used. Please describe the problem to me via email, and I will send you the corresponding driver.

4. Question: Why the keys are mixed or the language is Chinese?
Answer: Not correct language setting with cause both of these phenomenon. The layout of the British keyboard and the American keyboard is different.
If the language setting is not correct, the keyboard layout will be different from what you want or the language will become Chinese.
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