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MET Servers re-builds and sells enterprise IT equipment. We specialize in used servers and workstations. Operating since 1994, we are one of the largest resellers of refurbished servers in the nation.

All servers and workstations that we offer are in stock. We carry inventory across all major manufacturers and generations in our 40,000 square-foot warehouse located in Dallas, Texas.

We receive thousands of off-lease systems weekly that we process, test, and stock for resale. We aren’t limited to a single product line, which means we can always build a machine to fit your exact technical needs. Our diverse catalog of refurbished servers ensure that you can always find what you are looking for.

We understand the impact that any IT disruptions can have on your business, which is why we also specialize at replacement parts. Our database of over 50,000 manufacturer part numbers will ensure that if you run into any hiccups, we can ship replacements at a moment’s notice (including same-day courier). Whether you are looking to service existing equipment, or upgrade an entire batch of systems, we have you covered.

Over the years, we have developed these guidelines that we constantly strive towards:

· Be reliable: Your organization depends on reliable products to keep your operations running smoothly. We choose our vendors wisely, and we’re always available to provide you with quality service.

· Be fast: We take delivery time just as seriously as our product quality. Our team of experts knows how to get your parts on a delivery truck at a moment’s notice. In fact, on many orders, your tracking number will be available within a few minutes of purchase.

· Be friendly: Our origins are as a small business in Dallas, Texas. Hospitality is everything to us. Above all, we value the relationships and partnerships that we’ve built with our clients. We strive to satisfy all customers, and we want to help your organization grow and succeed.
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