Minthouz is the second series brand registered by Winstars Electronics worldwide. The registered trademark was born from "mint house", which originally meant "mint house". It is a fashion brand based on home life. The full name of peppermint in English is Mentha. It has a unique aroma and is a plant that is both medical and edible. Spices widely used in various fields (including medicine, food, beverage, cooking, etc.). There are more than one thousand years of application history in Europe.

Mint is small, but the aroma is strong, penetrating, and impressive. Integrating this experience into furniture life makes the entire home environment elegant yet strong, fresh and refined, full of fragrant fragrance.

Improve the quality of life from the details
In our daily life, we need to use a large number of 3C digital electronic products to meet the basic needs of life. It is the consistent pursuit of the Minthouz brand to integrate these products into our home life without any sense of violation. Our products involve all aspects of home life, such as: aromatherapy, humidifier, small fan, smart lamp, shelf, mobile phone holder, etc. This series of products are small, exquisite and practical. We start from the ergonomic design concept, adopt more environmentally friendly materials, more elegant colors, and more intimate designs to make the products more suitable for the natural shape of the human body in use. Each product will become the perfect helper in your life.

Low-key, practical, yet elegant and decent;

Small and flexible, but can solve the troubles in life;

Environmental protection and durability must make people fall in love at first sight.

This is us-Minthouz, to improve the quality of your life from the details.
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