Enjoy enhanced performance with NEO FORZA products. NEO FORZA memory is continually tested and qualified by top motherboard brands and system-integrators for absolute assurance. Be it reduced CAS latency, no-frills reliability, or just plain-vanilla PNP our memory products meet the requirements of the overclocking, competitive gaming, system-integration, and corporate market-segments.

In meeting enthusiasts' rising demands for speed and capacity, Neo Forza avails to the consumer new generations of ultra-standard overclock-able memory modules, performance solid state drives and other related storage devices, which previously was, and still is, for corporations.

NEO FORZA products exemplify our core passion for product innovation and technology. From research & design, specific production to exceeding benchmarks; we keep pushing technical boundaries to providing top-notch performance and quality, thereby providing consumers with experience-extraordinaire.

Constantly upgrading and breaking boundaries with engineering expertise honed since 1998, from wafer to end-product, and achieving uncompromising quality; enjoy improved performance and fluid multitasking from using NEO FORZA memory and storage.
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