When ONDA Technologies, Inc. was established in 1989, it was the first company in China to establish a national IT channel system. For more than 30 years, Onda Electronics has occupied an important market position in several major t-industry reforms in the IT industry. It has maintained a close partnership with IT industry manufacturing bases in Taiwan and the Mainland, and has become Intel, AMD, nVIDIA and other chips. A first-line partner of leading manufacturers. In recent years, with the support of good channel management concepts and strong international product technical background, from the launch of its own brand Onda (ONDA) series of products, to today, the comprehensive harvest of digital products including motherboards, graphics cards, optoelectronic products and MP3 , Is the result of the Onda team's continuous improvement of scientific and technological content, quality, service, and active advocacy of diversified and personalized application space.READ MORE
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