FSP Group U.S.A. Corporation is a North American regional subsidiary of FSP Technology Inc., Taiwan. Located in Chino, California, FSP Group U.S.A. Corp. provides one-stop access to all FSP Group products and services. FSP Group U.S.A. Corp. delivers pure, clean-power design products with exceptional value and superior quality and, most importantly, highly rated customer service from our factory-trained staff to deliver a most satisfying experience that is worthy of a legend.

FSP Group is one of the world’s top 10 power supply manufacturers. Since the company was established in 1993, our outstanding management team has drawn together our R&D expertise, sizeable production capacity, and outstanding product quality to consistently excel in this competitive marketplace. FSP Group is a publicly-traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, symbol: 30.15.TW, with revenues exceeding 600 million USD.

FSP Group’s commitment to service, professionalism, and innovation has enabled us to grow steadily over the years and become one of the world’s best-known power supply manufacturers.
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