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Hello. We are problem solvers. In 2005 we started with one problem, “How do we cure concrete quickly with maximum strength year round?” That question drove the creation of the Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blanket, which, in turn, changed the concrete calendar for many companies.

After the concrete blanket, we realized there were industrial temperature problems all over the world and we had created technology that could make a major difference. Now Powerblanket products prevent fluids from freezing, protect critical materials and equipment, improve viscosity, optimize processes, keep personnel safe, and provide total temperature control and peace of mind.

Do you have a problem? We might not be able to get the grass stains out of your jeans, but we are experts in temperature control. We would love to help you create a solution that saves you time and money.

Because Powerblanket® products are easy to install, uninstall and re-install at only a fraction of the cost of more expensive systems, companies will save on labor and maintenance.

Powerblanket offers highly customized solutions based around inventive industrial heating and cooling products, providing a valuable tool for industries needing products to remain at optimal temperatures. Some of the various industries we serve are the following: Oil & Gas | Railroad | Sprayfoam | Coatings | Chemical | Piping | Valves | Instrumentation | Food Processing | Composites | Construction | Precast | Roofing | Industrial | Manufacturing | Specialty Gases | Agriculture | Public Works | Dairy | Mining | Concrete | Dealers & Distributors | and more...
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