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Now approaching our 7th year of operation, PriceBreak.com has established itself as being one of the top online merchants on the Internet. PriceBreak.com has managed to consistently be in the top 1% of all the consumer electronics websites on the Internet by outperforming competitors time after time by setting the standard for pricing, customer service and overall functionality.

Originally a family oriented business, PriceBreak.com is committed to bringing you the consumer, the ease and comfort of finding the products you need at a price that won't break your wallet. Our commitment is to become the most enjoyable shopping experience on the web and provide you with great customer support that's all too forgotten in today’s corporate market. Backed by a strong customer support and sales team, we here at PriceBreak are trained to help you find the best products to suit your needs. All employees are trained with hands on experience.

Brand New Items: If your unit is defective in any way or you simply are not satisfied with your purchase, PriceBreak offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
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