Sylvox has more than 30 years of industrial experience in the special TV field. The marketing, R&D, Engineer, management team members are from outstanding companies with rich industrial experience. We are building a new special TV brand together. Across the board creation of home and commercial special TV outside regular room TV. Sylvox aimed to provide users with various kinds of television including outdoor TV, bathroom TV, kitchen TV, gym TV, beauty salon TV, mirror TV, creative bedroom picture frame TV. Besides that, also provide Lift TV, RV TV, and Yacht TV. Sylvox provide our customers with different framework TV solutions. The user’s use of the screen which is perfectly combined at home and creates high comfortable scenario help to get a travel view experience so that’s the vision everywhere. With precise positioning and differentiated product design, SYLVOX quickly stood out from competitors. In April 2021, it won the trust of Amazon and became its supplier, supplying Amazon with self-developed outdoor TVs, waterproof TVs and other products.
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