Today’s gadgets are increasingly becoming an extension of your digital identity. Their smartness is giving you access to the world, loved ones across the planet, bank accounts, favorite games, social apps and many other conveniences. For that and for all the irreplaceable content you have saved, we understand your investment in your gadgets and our mission is to help you prolong their life and get the most out of them by offering you high quality and competitively priced replacement parts.

What we do everyday

1. Optimize the performance and prolong the life of your favorite gadgets.

2. Offer you a large selection of superior quality products at bargain prices. (It will still make sense to replace that part instead of tossing the whole thing away).

3. Provide you with accurate descriptions so you can make informed decisions and shop with confidence.

4. Extend a helping hand in case you are having a problem with your purchase.

5. Empower our team, individually and collectively.

6. Build a culture around people, closeness, and positive outlook.

How we do it

1. We hire the right people for the job. The ones with connections and experience to source the best products.

2. We create a collaborative environment with an emphasis on flow of information and effective communication.

3. We encourage and expect everyone to chime in with ideas on how to improve, from packaging to introducing a new product.

4. We enjoy “Bring your Kid/Pet to work” day every month.

5. We break a laptop screen once in a while to know how our clients feel.

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