TorchStar Corporation was established in 2009 by 3 ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs with the goal of emerging as leaders in the energy-saving LED industry by providing one-stop LED illumination solutions. As opposed to pursuing short-term benefit, we prefer to keep cultivating dedicatedly in lighting industry in order to maintain the latest expertise in the LED industry and supply great value energy-saving products to our customers.
The organization strives to achieve the founders’ mission of popularizing LED lighting solutions and solving the market need for innovative and energy-efficient lighting product. Each one of our employees is motivated to achieve these goals. Internally, the company encourages a culture of teamwork, accountability, and continuous improvement of service to our clients. In the years since established, TorchStar’s client base has grown tremendously and the company has continued to grow in size.
TorchStar LED products provide outstanding design, extended lifespan, and superb quality to traditional halogen bulbs at reasonable prices. The amount of savings in energy usage essentially allows TorchStar LED lights pay for themselves. We will be happy to advise you on how to use our LED products to improve your life and save energy resources.
Our Mission:
Our company aims to be a customer-centered company dedicated to helping clients save energy and resources by:
1. Producing energy savings through distributing our environmental-friendly LED lighting products.
2. Superior product to traditional halogen products in all areas of performance including longer lifespan, durability, and light quality, etc.
3. User-friendly experience and enjoyable shopping experience; including easy installation, and timely technical support
4. Encouraging customer interaction and feedback, in the hope to become a highly interactive community to serve lighting product users.
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