Vipera is a premier source for selective, highly sought-after electronics and cutting edge technology solutions catering to the digital advertising, cryptocurrency, A.I. processing, corporate I.T. and PC gaming industries.

We're strategic with our service and make quality a priority. We are a leading seller of crypto-hardware such as ASIC miners, GPUs, PSUs, and so much more for mining enthusiasts and ambitious investors who aspire to grow in this domain. With never-before hash rates and the lowest power consumption in the market, we have some of the most highly sought after miners in the market.

Advertising has never been easier since we sell innovative Holographic, experimental display solutions and interactive LED panels that are engaging and memorable, creating the perfect combination of digital technology and aesthetics. With seamless and strategic advertising, you can now create groundbreaking advertisements that intrigue and captivate your audience.

For our gamers and tech clients, we also have a wide range of up-to-date PC equipment that is sure to enhance your gaming experience and make your gaming hours much smoother. We like to stay in the know of the needs of the hour and bring up business-critical IT products and smart health products like temperature kiosks, automatic dispensers, monitoring gates, and similar other smart products to effectively mitigate contemporary and future challenges.
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