We strive for perfection since 1999!

eN-Tech is a computer refurbisher and distributor for over 5 years now.
We sell refurbished/recertified , consumer electronics, hard drives (SSD & HDD), laptop batteries, AC adapters, and laptop/desktop components.
Everything is achieved through our high QC and QA standards and our in-house software that can make sure that every single electronic device has the most advance testing that can possibly have as of today's market standards.

Join us as we continue to improve by providing a feedback of your experience and help us grow together!

Modern refurbishers are implementing innovative ways to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future for our planet, resulting in millions of PCs and all types of consumer end-of-life electronics recycling. A refurbished PC vigorously audited is a great value for reliable productivity —plus you have the added benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide.

In addition to giving new life to PCs, these solutions help communities around the world.
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