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Ordered on 6/24/2021
Item delivered to wrong address
7/20/2021 7:26:54 AM

Never received item or refund

outlettrade2020 Response:
Hello,we refund you already,tks
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Rick Lear
Ordered on 7/10/2021
Outlettrade2020 Immediately Lost My Order
7/16/2021 10:33:29 AM

This was part of a 2-item order. According to the tracking notification, my shipment never even made it out of the GUANGZHOU facility which means it was never actually given to a carrier. This is the 2nd time this has happened with this product. the first was on another online shopping site with another shipper. At least with that shipper I got a quick refund. With this one I got a couple of "so sorry" apologies and a promise to refund my money. I emailed the merchant asking for it to be done immediately but haven't heard back. My local postmaster told me that there are problems with scammers who claim to ship by China Post. The scammers falsely claim they have an item in stock, charge your method of payment, post phony tracking data and then "lose" your shipment when they never had it to begin with. Not saying this seller is a scammer but "lost shipment" thing is identical to what I just experienced with another seller on another online shopping site selling these same exact items. Over there the item is now listed as no longer available. I expect the status here will be changed to that also. I just want my money back. and I demand that refund now.

outlettrade2020 Response:
Really sorry for that
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richard p.
Ordered on 5/25/2021
did not receive item nor get refund shipped by Lasership sham company newegg does not take responsibility
7/14/2021 6:43:43 AM

I paid extra for expedited delivery. Delivery company "Lasership" was used by Newegg and is a sham and Newegg has not backed up its mistake for using Lasership as a sham delivery service! After several days of product delivery travel the delivery status notice stated that the product was parked in my local town for a week. I then complained that it never came, after the complaint, the next day the delivery status was changed to say delivered. I was home every day on vacation and NO Delivery was made. My garage open and I in it everyday working on a project. I have cameras at the door to prove it. After calling Newegg and had to opening an investigation ticket. Still waiting for refund. see tracking 6/27/21 and forward noted a call was made to Newegg and documented on 6/30/21 to say not delivered see the crazy from that 6/27/21 on ie status changes from shipping to facility to driver then to destination in 3 minutes.

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