About us: Live it up for less!
VidaXL is an international online retailer. We offer a surprisingly large range of products consisting of thousands of articles from categories like home, garden, garage, DIY and clothing. Moreover, in all countries in which we are active, we offer customer service in the native language.

Why are we here?
Consumers are increasingly price-conscious. VidaXL offers products for in and around the house at competitive prices, and want to make these products accessible to as many consumers as possible.

How do we achieve this?
We select products that are in high demand and acquire them at the source, on a large scale. We are able to influence the design and packaging of these products, which allows us to optimize them for the whole supply chain, and ultimately offer them to our customers for a very reasonable price.

For whom?
We offer these products to price-conscious consumers throughout Europe and Australia and the United States, through our webshops as well as a host of different platforms (like eBay and Amazon), and we are always hard at work to expand and reach even more customers.

Our story:
We started with a small scale online shop, but as our company quickly grew we started manufacturing our own products under the VidaXL brand. The number of products produced exclusively for VidaXL took off exponentially, and we quickly expanded our market to several European countries. Our next step was to establish our very own webshop to meet the demands of what was quickly becoming a success story. The company's success lies in sourcing and offering products at ever more competitive prices by constantly searching for cost reducing measures without compromising on quality. By always keeping a clear and explicit focus on value for money, we laid the foundation for an efficient and successful organization.

As a customer of VidaXL, you can hold us to the following promises: Good price.
There's nothing we hate more than overspending for products, and we believe we are not alone in this. By keeping complete control over all processes throughout the supply chain, we will always be able to offer our products at highly competitive prices.

Good service:
We offer our customers a good service. If you have any questions about a product, shipping or payment, our customer service agents are always on hand and ready to help, in your native language. Shipping and returns are always free in the VidaXL webshops. Should any issue arise with your order, we give you our word that it will be resolved to your satisfaction.

Good feeling:
Shopping at VidaXL makes you feel good. You can buy VidaXL products through whichever platform you're the most comfortable with, and on top of that we promise that shopping at VidaXL will give you the rush of getting a good deal.
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