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The Anker Official Store is the sole authorized marketer of Soundcore® products on, and directly represents the Soundcore® trademark owner. We ensure that all of the Soundcore® products in the store are genuine. Soundcore’s warranty on Newegg is restricted to those sold directly by the Anker Official Store.

Anker Innovations

Our Company: We are charging experts and innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes. This innovation is being led by our 4 key brands: Anker, Soundcore, eufy, Nebula.

Soundcore Brand Story: There are secrets in the audio industry... Listeners are told that incredible sound quality is only available from a few special places. Perhaps from a brand with decades of audio heritage or maybe from a speaker that costs more than most people can afford.

At Soundcore, we break this illusion. We use innovation, experience, and pioneering listener analysis to create products that revolutionize expectations for audio quality.

Our 'Play' buttons don't just start incredible music, they also reveal the truth: breathtaking sound that moves, touches, and thrills is no longer an exclusive privilege.