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7pc Torx T6 T5 Small Screwdriver Tool Kit for Opening PDA iPod iPaq MP3 Palm Pocket PC Laptop

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7pc Torx T6 T5 Small Screwdriver Tool Kit for PDACompatible with the following devices
PDA, Cellphone, iPod, iPhone, iPaq, Palm, Pocket PC, mobile phones, smart
phone, MP3 players. Also used for home gadgets such as toys, Computer PC
Desktop, or any other Laptops that needs to be taken apart for repair. Works
with many electronics such as Sony Clie, Palm PalmOne, Handspring, Toshiba,
Sony, Jornada, HP/Compaq, PSP, NDS, GPS, Blackberry 8700, 8700g & 8700c. Apple
iPod 1st Generation, iPod 2nd Gen, iPod 3rd Gen, Apple iPod 4th G, iPod Mini,
iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod U2, iPod Touch. Edition
Archos AV120, AV320, AV340, AV380, Studio 10, 20 Series. Creative Zen Xtra,
JukeBox Series, Zen Touch. Dell Digital JukeBox Series iRiver H320 / H340.
Microsoft Zune RCA Lyra Jukebox RD2780. Rio Nitrus Rio Karma. Samsung Napster
Series AudioVox Thera. Pocket PC Casio Cassiopeia BE-300. Dell Axim X3, X30.
Garmin iQue 3600. HP Compaq iPAQ H1910, 3100, 3700, 3800, 3900. Jornada 520,
Handspring Treo 90, 180, 270, 300, 600, Visor Edge. Navman PIN Pocket NEC
MobilePro P300 O2 XDA i Palm iiic Palm i705 Palm M100/M105 Palm M125 Palm M130 /
M135 Palm M500 Series Palm Tungsten C Palm Tungsten E Palm Tungsten E2 Palm
Tungsten T Series Palm Tungsten W Palm Zire 71 Palm Zire 72 Palm LifeDrive RIM
Blackberry RIM / Backberry R957M Samsung Nexio S160 Siemens SX56 Sony Clie Sony
PEG-SJ33 Sony PEG-TJ37 Sony Clie PEG-N760, PEG-N610C, PEG-N710C, PEG-N760C Sony
Clie PEG-T415 Sony Clie PEG-T615, Sony Clie PEG-SJ20, PEG-SJ30, PEG-SL10 Sony
Clie PEG-S360 Sony Clie UX40, UX50 Sony PEG-NX60, NX70VL, PEG-NX80, PEG-NV,
PEG-NR70 Toshiba E310 E330 E335 Toshiba E400 T-Mobile Sidekick 2 II T-Mobile
SX56 Palm Treo 755p Samsung BLACKJACK and many many others
Requires Both T5 & T6 WITH: HP iPAQ h2200, h2210, h2215 Palm Zire 71 Treo 650
Tungsten T5
T5 COMPATIBLE WITH: Palm m100 Palm m105 Palm Zire 72 Palm Z22 Palm m125 Palm
m130 Palm m505 Palm m515 Treo 680 Treo 700w Treo 700p Treo 700wx Treo 750 Treo
750v Treo 755p Palm T|X Tungsten E Tungsten E2 Blackberry 8800 Blackberry Curve
8300 Blackberry 7100t, 7100g & 7100r HP iPAQ h1900, h1910, h1915, h1920, h1930,
h1937, h1940, h1945 HP iPAQ rz1700, rz1710, rz1715, rz1717 HP iPAQ hx4700,
hx4705 HP iPAQ h4000, h4150, h4155, h4350, h4355 Dell Axim X50 & X50i Dell Axim
X50v & X51v
T6 COMPATIBLE WITH: Blackberry 6210, 6230, 6280 & 6510 Blackberry 6710
Blackberry 6750 Blackberry 7210, 7230, 7510 & 7280 Blackberry 7250, 7520 & 7290
Blackberry 8700, 8700g & 8700c Blackberry Pearl Dell Axim X3 & X3i Dell Axim X30
& X30i HP iPAQ h3100, h3130, h3135, h3150 HP iPAQ h3600, h3630, h3635, h3641,
h3650, h3660, h3670 HP iPAQ h3700, h3730, h3760, h3765 HP iPAQ h3800, h3815,
h3825, h3830, h3835, h3850, h3870, h3875 HP iPAQ h3900, h3950, h3955, h3970 HP
iPAQ h5000, h5150, h5450, h5550 HP iPAQ h6300, h6310, h6340 HP iPAQ hw6500,
hw6510, hw6515 HP iPAQ hw6900, hw6915, hw6945 HP iPAQ hx2110, hx2115, hx2410,
hx2415, hx2750, hx2755 HP iPAQ rw6800, rw6818, rw6828 HP iPAQ rx1950, rx1955 HP
iPAQ rx3000, rx3100, rx3115, rx3400, rx3417, rx3700, rx3715 Palm m500 Palm Zire
m150 Motorala Q Samsung i700 T-Mobile Dash, HTC S621 & HTC S620 Treo 600
Tungsten C Tungsten W Quantity & Types:
(1) T5 Torx
(1) T6 Torx
(2) Small Phillips sizes
(one magnetic)
(1) Flat Standard small size
(2) iPod/iPhone prying tools
Size & Descriptions:
Torx T5 magnetic head
Torx T6 magnetic
Small Phillips is a #00
Magnetic Phillips is a
Flat Standard screwdriver is 2.0mm
Prying tool 7.1mm width
Prying tool 8.3mm width

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