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Thermos Sipp Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottle - 16 oz. - Stainless Steel/Black
Thermos Sipp Vacuum Insulated Drink Bottle - 16 oz. - Stainless Steel/Black
  • Type: Coffee Cups
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Copolyester Stainless Steel
  • Model #: NS402BK4
  • Item #: 9SIAJ7WDX12296
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If you are planning on buying this bottle for your morning coffee, don't hesitate. My wife and I have been searching for a bottle/mug that keeps our drinks warm for a while, doesnt leak and is easy to handle. This one exceeds in all of those criteria. - Liquid Temperature: The label states it keeps drinks warm for 12 hours. That it does. My wife poured her coffee at 5:30am. She had 1/4 of it left at 6pm when I got home, took a sip and it was just slightly below my ideal temperature, but still very warm. I was impressed. We haven't tried cold beverages yet, but I expect it to perform the same. - Comfort: The bottle body itself is comprised of a dual layer stainless steel. The outside of the bottle stays at ambient temperature no matter the temperature liquid you put in it. - Lid: the lid is the most impressive thing about this bottle. Press the release button and the lid smoothly springs back and clicks into place so you can take a sip without having to hold the lid in place. The flow from the mouth piece is smooth and even, plus it flows slowly enough for you to safely sip even the hottest of beverages without scalding your lips. -Leakproofing - It doesn't leak. Period. The vaccum seal not only insulates, but also makes this bottle leakproof. Plus to add to it, the threads for the lid are on the inside of the bottle neck , thus providing a much better seal from key leak points around the bottom of the lid. - Cleaning: The lid is easy to clean with a soapy sponge. The inside of the bottle is slightly too narrow to get a sponge in it, but filling it with very soapy water and shaking it works just as well. - Durability - Its stainless steel, so it can take normal wear and tear. It probably could dent and scratch but so would anything else. Just be careful with it. In the end it still is a $25 investment.