Great phone while it worked. But, the Nexus 5X bootloop issue eventually struck.6/18/2019 9:45:22 AM

Pros: This was a great mid-level phone, good screen, responsive, and a "pure" Android experience, with minimal clutter. Android updates guaranteed through 8.1, and security updates even beyond that point. This was a strong selling point for me.

Cons: I had read the tales of the notorious 5X bootloop issue, but went for it anyway. I had mistakenly interpreted the stories being that, if the bootloop issue happened, it would happen fairly early, and if it didn't, then the phone would be fine. At about the 2-year point, the battery went a little funny. It would lose anywhere from 10-30% of its charge overnight, with the phone shut off. After about 3 months, though, it seemed to semi-recover from that, where the draining wouldn't happen, or would be under 10%. At about the 2-1/2 year point, last night as of this writing, it suddenly froze for about a full minute (call audio continuing, though) rebooted itself while I was in mid-call (simultaneously sending a photo to someone). It came back up, and was fine for a few minutes, then froze and rebooted again. Keeping it in front of the air-conditioning vent to cool it didn't seem to help. Eventually, it descended into the bootloop behavior.

Overall Review: It's well past its prime now, so I doubt anyone's looking at these. Still, to not last 3 years is unacceptable. The Nexus 5X is made by LG, and I expected more of LG. My previous smartphone was an LG Optimus L9 (I think a late 2012 model, I purchased in Jan 2013) which lasted me around 4 years, and I updated only because it only supported Android up to 4.1, and with various software updates, was getting sluggish. Further, Google Maps would get it to run pretty hot. I needed to charge it while mapping, and when it got hot, it would sometimes lose the GPS signal. Still, that L9 still works today, even if it's not particularly useful for much anymore. There's no excuse for a phone to die in less than 3 years, especially when it was seeing fairly light use (I don't use a whole lot of apps)

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Modular, great packaging, fantastic warranty2/21/2018 6:40:34 PM

Pros: Quiet Fanless mode available 10 year warranty

Cons: - minor nitpick, the cables were a bit longer than I expected, but they are probably expecting to need to accommodate users with full tower cases, and mine's a rather compact tower.

Overall Review: Overall, I purchased this due to Seasonic's reputation, and the stellar warranty. The only complaint I might have is really my fault. My case is probably considered in the smallish to mid size (Dell XPS 8700), and the cables were made with mid to large cases in mind. It was awkward to get some of the cables in there, but this was my own fault in terms of planning. The availability of fanless mode is a nice touch.

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Great deal on price, fast, easy setup12/13/2017 2:26:05 PM

Pros: I moved from an HDD to an SSD-primary/HDD-secondary setup. Needless to say, I'm delighted with the speed increase. The long warranty is also a huge plus. Fast shipping!

Cons: Nothing to complain about. However, it's been less than a week since I've installed it.

Overall Review: VERY minor nitpick, but I suppose if screws were included, it would've been nice. No biggie, though. For my own needs, I didn't have to use the included software.

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Great card5/15/2015 7:29:27 AM

Pros: Powerful, quiet, and draws less power than the R9 280 or 280X. Overclocked out of the box.

Cons: None that are really worth noting. Oh, I hear the fans spin up when I first power up the PC, but then they settle right back down. I don't think I've heard any more than the faintest noise from the fans when the PC is running, either desktop apps or gaming... and I tend to be pick about that sort of thing.

Overall Review: I bought this to update my PC from the old Radeon HD 6670 I was using, and, obviously, being a much more powerful card, it made a huge difference. I admit that I had to also update my PC, which was about 3 years old, because the BIOS wouldn't recognize the card, but that's not the card's fault. Also, due to the case and the barely-long-enough SATA cables that came with my PC, I had to order longer SATA cables. Again, not the card's fault. In any case, while I probably am not pushing the card to its limits, I play most of my games (not necessarily the latest and greatest) at 1080p with the details turned up, and there's no hiccups. Not sure about hearing any coil whine or not, but maybe it's because I cap things at 60fps, since I run my monitor at 60Hz. I'm happy with it... though, *sigh* technology marches on, and it's $50 less now an than it was when I bought it 4 months ago, and with a slightly bigger rebate than before.

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Great card for silence enthusiasts9/28/2012 9:40:03 AM

Pros: Great card. Plays most games very well at 1920x1080. Silent (of course). Temperature according the AMD's Control Center has never topped 57 C when running games.

Cons: As Dienoth noted in his review, the fins are SHARP, and you can cut yourself on them if you're not careful. I read that warning and STILL managed to cut myself a little. I suppose you could count the fact that it takes an extra slot as a con, but really, I expected that with the big heatsink.

Overall Review: Really, I have no complaints whatsoever so far about this card, and am more than happy with it thus far.

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Update to my previous review11/10/2006 8:33:59 PM

Pros: Same as before...

Cons: Correction to my previous complaint.

Overall Review: Just an update on what I mentioned earlier. The card doesn't cause the OS to hang on shutdown/restart when there's no drivers. It's after the drivers are first installed. After that, it seems to be fine. So, it's actually not as problematic as I'd originally stated.

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Minor quirk, but otherwise seems to be a good card9/16/2006 10:18:10 AM

Pros: Works well with the front panel I've got, and plays nicely with my USB memory sticks.

Cons: Confuses the system when installing the OS. When I wiped the system clean and did a fresh install of Win98SE, it would lock up the computer the last time that the installation wanted to do a shutdown and restart. Once you install the provided drivers, it's fine, but a lack of drivers shouldn't cause the device to lock up the system.

Overall Review: Other than the installation of the OS issue (and I realize I'm using an old OS), it seems to do what's needed. Can't complain too much, and I'm reasonably happy with it. I say that, though, with the caveat that I don't have any Firewire devices to test on it yet.

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