Quality video!7/21/2021 5:21:54 PM

Pros: -Excellent video quality, especially for the age of the camera & sensors -Outperforms the old BlackVue camera that's now giving me constant errors after 4.5 years -Good price point for a basic camera -LCD screen helps with aligning the cameras -Large Storage options

Cons: -No battery pack options from the manufacturer (There are aftermarket solutions) -No internal battery to save the last recording if the car is powered down during a recording -Micro SD is difficult to insert and remove without a tool to help press inward -No Wi-Fi or Cloud features

Overall Review: Overall, this is an excellent dash camera. It performs well with fundamental features. My previous dash camera is a BlackVue 650S 2ch, I love that camera, but it gives me constant restarting issues. Yes, I tried every troubleshooting option, especially the SD card. Even with the brand new card, freshly formatted, it restarts every 2 minutesenough of the old. I bought this camera for my wife, and I love the video quality. Plus, I thought it would be good to have a third interior cabin camera that can catch more information before, during, and after an incident. There are not many cameras that have 3-ch, and less when I bought the first one. I just purchased my second when for myself after the BlackVue glitched out. I just bought the hardwire kit for the second one, and I'll review that when everything is delivered. I've noticed that you lose the last video that's recording if you cut the power to the car. There really should be an internal battery to last long enough to finish up the last recording and save it. I would also like to see the option to reduce the clip sizes to one-minute clips. This would assist the functionality of a tiny internal battery. I saw one reviewer, on the other online retailer, had the unfortunate loss of video due to the lack of an internal battery, which may or may not have helped. Also, a brake pad flew off an 18-wheeler and punched through the windshield center, taking out the dash camera. I say may or may not have helped the device finish recording because I don't think many cameras would have survived long enough to save the recording, but it is something to fix for the next line of dash cameras.

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