Six years, still going strong1/29/2017 5:29:10 PM

Pros: Have had this monitor over six years now. It's probably on more than it's off, and it still works great

Cons: none

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Nice, basic motherboard1/29/2017 4:23:00 PM

Pros: Has more than enough sata connectors for my needs. Four ram slots for future expansion. Has the m.2 connector should I ever purchase hardware to use it.

Cons: Gigabyte website has a downloadable program you can use to modify a Windows 7 ISO so that it can be installed when using this motherboard (it updates the usb drivers). However, this software kept erroring halfway through and it took me many hours of googling to figure out how to get it to run properly (had to go into Properties and "unblock" several of the files). An Asus board I recently purchased came with a fully printed manual. Gigabyte only provides a pdf, so you'll have to print it out ahead of time or have a laptop or tablet handy if you want to view it while actually installing the board. There were several times while I was setting things up that my system did not boot into bios but went straight into Windows, even though I was spamming the Delete key, forcing me to reboot and try again.

Overall Review: A second case fan connection would have been nice, and maybe a second usb 3.1 connector as well.

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Great fan!1/29/2017 4:07:32 PM

Pros: Quieter and moves a lot more air than my old case fan. Throws out enough red light to light up the entire interior of my case.

Cons: none

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Next Gen i5's are here1/26/2017 10:15:56 AM

Pros: Significant upgrade from my 1st gen i3. Runs cool around 30c with stock cooling and a couple case fans.

Cons: none

Overall Review: The original motherboard I got to go with this needed an update to bios to run it. I didn't have an older 1151 processor and couldn't find anyone locally to update it so had to rma and get a board that was ready to run Kaby Lakes out of the box. I'm not sure if there is enough of a bump in performance to justify upgrading if you already have a 6000 series processor, so, y'know, make sure you don't make the mistake I did when upgrading or creating a new build.

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Good Choice11/23/2014 1:18:44 PM

Pros: Reads my cards, no issues

Cons: None

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Good MOBO deal11/23/2014 1:17:09 PM

Pros: This board has some great features for the price: 4 RAM slots, header for USB 3.0, plenty of SATA 6.0's, HDMI port, etc.

Cons: Only one case fan header! Easy enough to work around though, so not worth an egg.

Overall Review: Bought this for a cheap PC build for my parents, so far it's running smooth as butter

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Decent Budget case11/23/2014 1:12:29 PM

Pros: One of the best case deals out there with the two included case fans (front blue LED, rear plain blue plastic). Front USB 3.0 port, plus two USB 2.0 & headphone jack. Blue LED for power button is nice touch and whole case looks cool when up and running. Fans are reasonably quiet. Decent wire management but nothing special.

Cons: First case arrived with the rear dented in, although the box appeared in good shape. Weird. RMA'd and second one arrived in good condition. No tool less installation. Case seems cheaply made - metal will bend easily if not careful, a few jagged edges the light from the LEDs shines though some of the seams in the case, and one of the holes for the little posts the motherboards mounts onto was misshaped and the post would not tighten properly. Also, both cases had a TON of static electrical buildup when I removed them from their original boxes.

Overall Review: Overall, this case was about the quality I was expecting for the price, so I'm pleased. If your looking to save some $ for the more important parts of your build, this case should serve the purpose as long as you're careful putting things together

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A Windows I actually like3/4/2010 4:31:10 PM

Pros: Boots fast, runs software fast. Rock-solid stable - I've been running it for about six weeks now and the ONLY time my pc has locked up was when I inserted a DVD that I didn't realize my kids had colored the bottom with permanent marker. (not blaming win 7 for that one - and when I opened the disc tray everything came back to life anyway.)

Cons: Win 7 does fight a bit with older programs, but if you're willing to play with them a bit (and do a bit of internet research for fixes for the more stubborn ones), you should be able to get everything working.

Overall Review: Didn't realize until I went to install it, but my older 32 bit anti-virus won't protect a 64 bit system. Unless your anti-virus is eligible for an upgrade, if it's an older program you may have to purchase a new version.

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Perfect budget mobo3/4/2010 4:12:29 PM

Pros: Ample supply of usb and sata connections. Everything is well laid out. Booted up first try and has run solid ever since. Some nice overclocking and monitoring software is included, but I have no reason to overclock yet. Very happy.

Cons: No SLI/Crossfire, but I wouldn't expect it on an 1156 board in this price range

Overall Review: Nice upgrade possibilities. I'm running an i3 w/ 4 gigs of ram now, but I can go up to an i7 with 16 gigs when I'm ready.

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