Quality components and well built = impressed!2/18/2021 12:17:22 PM

Pros: After building numerous computers using self-selected components over the past decade I decided to skip the headaches and just go with a pre-built computer...and I was skeptical to say the least. Could I trust the component selection and craftsmanship? (Yup! Check the named components yourself — excellent and respected choices for the price). Will they all play nice together or will there be odd conflicts? (Conflict free!). Will the connections be firm with everything seated properly? (Yes. I double checked before POSTing for the initial boot). Will it arrive with a rats nest of cables? (No. Cable management was tight and well controlled). After the double-insulated box arrived I found a bag inside with the leftovers from the construction. Sort of like a thanksgiving turkey, it was just sitting in the bag...but it was all easily identifiable as port covers from the case or extra cables (in a separate bag), and so on. All the manuals and cards were there. Overall a well packaged and impressively considered build. Boot up was problem free, and windows prompted me through the initial setup. Internet connection using wi-fi is snappy (I don’t have a cable drop in my office) and works seemingly as quick as my office iMac. Effortless gameplay with the RTX 3070. I did update the drivers, but that’s expected and the frame-rates are often in the triple digits. I am just super impressed with the quality and engineering. No regrets at all. Bonus: NO BLOATWARE!

Cons: No real cons. Some considerations: The RAM is an excellent match with the CPU and Motherboard BUT it cannot be set at the max 3200 MHz because the motherboard only supports a max of 2933 MHz. No problem...go into the BIOS and set it for the max supported speed of 2933. There isn’t a Windows activation key. I requested it, but haven’t heard back yet (2 days now...) IMHO this is a quiet computer. There is some fan noise, but not with headphones on. Frankly I don’t notice the fans at all. It doesn’t come with a mouse or keyboard, so keep that in mind.

Overall Review: Yes, I would most definitely buy this again without reservations. Well Done ABS!

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