Very easy to install and setup, nicely packaged.2/11/2021 9:29:09 AM

Pros: I had been waiting on a GPU for several months as I couldn't find anywhere that had any in stock. I won this on a newegg shuffle and was very happy to get it. I primarily use this for VR games at the moment in which it does very well. In my setup this scored a 13,627 in 3dmark.

Cons: I haven't looked into it but a way to turn off the LEDS would be nice. I have a mostly mesh case so it shines through, but I put my machine to sleep when not in use so I don't really see it so it isn't much of a problem.

Overall Review: So far this product has been great.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Best install experiance to date1/6/2021 1:51:54 PM

Pros: -Super easy -No need for optical drive

Cons: -More expensive than it should be

Overall Review: I built a machine with out a optical drive and I don't have any USB keys otherwise I would have gone digital and built a boot key, this seemed like a good alternative and the install was super fast and easy, the fastest I have gotten a computer up and running in my life.

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Generally really like this laptop1/6/2021 11:14:48 AM

Pros: -powerful -fairly quite -great gaming -nice screen

Cons: -webcam is not the best -would be nice if there was DP support(I had problems getting the thunderbolt to attach via a DP converter to a monitor, not sure if there is a better solution to convert to DP) -on board mic picks up the fan -keyboard can get quite warm

Overall Review: This is my every day laptop that I use for work video conferences, the web cam seems to be fairly poor in terms of resolution, and I have to use a different mic as the built in mic picks up the local fan more than it picks up my voice so people complain. When I do play games it does a really good job and the display settings are fairly high.

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Little loose on the MB connection1/6/2021 9:31:42 AM

Pros: -works well -easy install -easier to work around with mini-itx MB

Cons: -The MB connection was loose and kept falling out, I ended up buying a short little 1-inch extension that did a better job attaching to the MB -The instructions didn't list 1200 CPUs as compatible but the listing and the internet said it fit 11xx cpu install instructions.

Overall Review: This is working pretty well. Install was easy after a quick google to get further instructions as the instructions it ships with aren't the best. The loose MB connection was a little annoying but a short extension fixed that.

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So far so good1/6/2021 9:24:41 AM

Pros: -small -fits full size PSU -240mm radiator fits on front

Cons: -if you use a full size psu it becomes pretty hard to use the side slot for fans -cable management is a bit tight

Overall Review: I don't have the GPU yet thanks to the general shortage on video cards at the moment so I don't know how well it will fit. Generally seems like a good case for my particular requirement of being as small as possible but fitting as many full sized components as possible.

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Setup had some hick-ups, TV has to rediscover the network at least once a day4/15/2020 2:00:43 PM

Pros: Good coverage and signal strength everywhere within my house. App is pretty user friendly

Cons: Setup didn't go perfectly smoothly ended up having to run it twice My TV has taken to loosing connectivity and taking a while to reconnect about once a day, not yet sure why, seems to be when turning on, it is the only device that seems to have this problem.

Overall Review: I would still recommend purchasing this product. The speed increase that we experienced and the stronger signal strength and ease of use of the app make it a good option for setup.

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So far so good, I like this laptop and would recommend it.6/3/2018 12:58:35 PM

Pros: Thin and portable Screen looks great Keyboard looks really good Sound is fairly good great graphics for mobile touch pad better than last laptop

Cons: Row of keys on right side of keyboard Outside picks up fingerprints very easily Gets a bit hot right under the keyboard

Overall Review: Generally I am happy with this purchase. I really like having a smaller laptop that I can game on with some of the better graphics and the GTX 1070 seems to do a great job. Fans are a bit loud but not as loud as my last laptop. The case is very nice, thought the screen is a bit on the flexy side having two hinges on either side I find it some what worrying that unless I open and close from the center that it will wear out or bend at some point. It did come loaded with a bunch of junk games which I removed, having only 256GB does make disk space a bit tight and it comes with ~80GB of junk on the drive already.

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