Work great!9/12/2012 12:54:59 PM

Pros: Run full speed (2113MHz) on a Sabertooth Z77 motherboard. Also, they fit under a Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler.

Cons: None.

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Almost forgot to add...9/12/2012 9:38:54 AM

Pros: The drives themselves appear to be working fine in spite of the poor packing.

Cons: NewEgg needs to get more serious about their packing. I received two OEM units in their factor bags, sitting in half a styrafoam tray (not fully-enclused), with a single layer of bubble-wrap, in a box of peanuts. Obviously the heavy drives settled to the bottom, and the bubbles on the bottom of the wrap were deflated. This meant that there was zero shock-protection other than the styrofoam tray if and when the box is dropped. Come on guys, another layer of bubble-wrap would have cost, what? I didn't want to ding the drives an egg because of this, but it has to be done. It's not just the drive we're reviewing, but the drive AND whatever damage it incures during shipping. A perfect product that arrives damages doesn't work no matter how good it is... and NewEgg plays a part in that.

Overall Review: How about offering two shipping methods, "regular" which includes lackluster packing, and "best", for a $0.04 premium...

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Finally, the future is here9/12/2012 9:21:35 AM

Pros: Silent, no moving parts, and way, way faster than a physical drive. Of course I have nothing to compare to other than my 6-yr old pc, so while there may be faster SSDs out there, this one's so much quicker I'm not complaining.

Cons: None... cost maybe, but that's what we get for ordering cutting-edge stuff.

Overall Review: It'll be interesting to see is how long-term reliability is. Sure there's less heat and no moving parts, but there are about a bazzilian semiconductor junctions in these things which must work perfectly, or else.

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10-day update9/12/2012 8:11:47 AM

Pros: Good price

Cons: Running WD's own drive test sw showed both drives as defective within days of receiving them. Ordered the RE4 version as replacements (which at least work as-received.) However, getting data off these Caviar Blacks proved to be a real PITA, as the drives would suddenly start consuming 99.99% of the CPU time, and worse, data transfer rates slowed to about 4 kb/sec.... yes, kilobits. I've never seen such an unreliable product, with both drives almost immediately defective, and the incredibly bad reviews they're getting here. (To really see how bad things really are, select reviews from "Last 2 weeks" and see that only 42% of buyers are receiving a working product. How can any drive company stay in business shipping product this bad? All I can think of is that they must be sending flood-damaged products, or maybe using components which were corroded. Base upon the review dates, these drives appear MUCH less reliable than they were a year ago.

Overall Review: What's real frustrating is how misleading these reviews are. Human nature being what it is, we complain WAY more than we complement. So while many of these drives appear to be terrible, are they? For me they were, but what NewEgg could do that would be VERY helpful would be to filter their review stats with how many drives are shipped. That is, if 50% of the reviews say the drives suck, what does that really mean? 50% of how many sold? Are 100% of buyers complaining? No, it's going to be some small vocal percentage, which completely skews the data and makes it much less useful. If NewEgg had another statistic that showed the failure rate *out of all drives of this model sold* it would be infinitely more helpful.

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the WD Black drive, as this is not the typical or intended experience with the product. It is unfortunate that you have experienced multiple drives failures. Let us assure you that all WD drives ship from our factory in good working condition, only after they have passed rigorous testing, but in some cases outside of the control of either WD or the customer, the device may experience mishandling en route to the customer. By no means are the components inside the drives anything but new. Western Digital stand behind its products for the duration of the device’s warranty and will gladly replace your device, no questions asked, should you require a replacement. We would appreciate the opportunity to further assist you directly, and resolve any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience with our products directly. You may contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Very happy with this product9/10/2012 7:21:28 PM

Pros: Very quiet! Keeps my i7-3770K at ~70 deg C at 4.4 GHz running at 100% load even on a warm day. At idle it's about 30 dec C. Keep in mind that room temperature makes a BIG difference on how "well" a CPU cooler works. That is, room temperature is the baseline for all temperature increases. If it's a hot day and your room is 30 deg C, the best cooler on earth isn't going to keep your CPU cooler that 30 deg C - air OR liquid-cooled. Keep that in mind when people claim how awesome their cooler is.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Very well designed, good instructions, easy to follow. Also, isn't very heavy, so there wasn't any concern about torquing my CPU off the motherboard. I came >this close< to trying a liquid-cooled setup. Glad I didn't - didn't want the worry of having water high up in my case, all ready to drip into the motherboard or worse - the power supply at the bottom.

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Short update9/10/2012 6:56:51 PM

Pros: Board still running great. i7-3770K G.SKILL Ripjaws X 8GB DDR3 2133 Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Hard Drives - BOTH FAILED within days Replacing with WD RE4 1TB Enterprise Hard Drive - wish me luck. SAMSUNG 830 256GB SSD Corsair 600T case

Cons: The two small fans that pump air under the "armor" began whining. They aren't loud per se, but it's like someone's using a dental drill in the next room, the sound just keeps eating at you.

Overall Review: I didn't deduct an egg because the board's still running awesome, and the fans don't appear to be necessary.... which makes you wonder what the point was...

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Awesome case8/27/2012 8:06:33 AM

Pros: About every 6-7 years I set out to build a new home PC, spending weeks bringing myself back up to speed on the state of the art. Each time I build a unit I always tell myself that I'll use the case I had from before, but when I saw this one I had to have it. It's BIG but not huge, with enough space below the motherboard that there's no problem hiding all the wires. With it fully wired it still looks as if I'd just sat the motherboard in there and hadn't wired it yet - very, very clean and tons of space for anything you want.

Cons: The holes in the 3.5" drive bays for mounting 2.5" drives are offset to one side, enough that a 2.5" drive won't fit - it hits one of the four pins that normally click into 3.5" drives. Yes, the pin can be removed, but I can't figure out why on earth they'd offset the holes in the first place. I drilled another set - centered this time - for a SSD. Not worth docking an egg but I have to wonder what their thinking was. Like others, I'm not a fan of the pass-through cable for the USB 3.0 but once the case is under my desk I can't see the cable hanging out the back.

Overall Review: Not a fault of the case but keep in mind that 1394 ("firewire") seems to be going away. I bought an Asus Sabertooth Z77 MB and assumed (yeah I know) that it would have 1394 since it has everything else - nope. So while the case has an internal 2x5 1394 connector, make sure that your motherboard provides a port else you're faced with the additional expense of a PCI solution.

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6/19/2007 1:58:31 PM

Pros: I knew I wanted a Seagate drive, but after seeing the price, I went a bit crazy and bought four of them so I could, for the first time, try out RAID10 on a new Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6. Hooked them up, powered up the system up for the first time, following the directions to set them up, and presto, RAID10. I'm very happy with the drivers. Quite, fast, and inexpensive is a great combination.

Cons: Should have bought more...

Overall Review: I really enjoy doing business with Newegg. It's made it such that I come here first and only go elsewhere if they don't have it. I no longer do price comparisons either, since Newegg's got really good prices.

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RAID? No problem6/19/2007 1:49:47 PM

Pros: I forgot to add comments about RAID operation. I planned, for the first time, to use RAID. RAID always scared me, and yet, due to the low cost of HDs now, I found myself with 4 320GB drives! One reason I bought this board was due to its many SATA ports so I could use the latest SATA2 drives. Plugged them all in, followed the excellent Gigabyte manual on how to set them up as RAID10, and presto, it "just worked." Very cool, and I'm a very happy boy.

Cons: I've never had issues with Gigabyte boards (crosses fingers).

Overall Review: Before buying other brands, be sure to read through the comments on Newegg. I found that a certain four-letter major manufacturer had a lot of negative comments. That said, be very aware that people who have problems with stuff *will* comment here about it, yet people who have no problem whatsoever will rarely comment. This gives a very skewed sense of a part's worth. That is, if there's many negative comments, that *may* be the 1% of unhappy buyers, and not the 99% happy ones...

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now that it's built6/19/2007 8:29:03 AM

Pros: I don't understand why people say the front upper drive bay has to be removed when using long graphics bds like the 8800 series. The graphics card doesn't even extend past the edge of the board, so there's still room (though not a lot) to run wires in front of it. I admit that I did remove it though, to free up even more room... but it could have stayed in place.

Cons: For as huge as it is, getting everything connected is surprising tight and difficult. Everything comes together right around the lower-front corner of the motherboard: the cables from the front panel, the power supply cables, and the cables from the drives at front bottom... it gets very, um, intimate. You need to think through the order you're doing things, else you'll be trying to connect your front panel controls to the mb through a solid maze of wires. Other things: The included fans have standard 4-pin power supply connectors instead of standard 3-pin fan connectors. It's up to you if that's an issue; I converted mine to 3-pin. The only worrisome thing was that the fan in front of the power supply didn't start up! I reached in and gave it a spin, after which it kept running. Granted, if I'd run it on straight 12V it probably wouldn't have been a problem (I'm running it from a 3-pin fan connector on my motherboard.)

Overall Review: I like the case a lot, and it is quite, but now that it's done it has removed much of my desire to go back and mess with stuff. I also managed to crack a side panel by dropping it on edge onto the carpet. My fault, but still disappointing.

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Gigabyte has always been reliable for me6/19/2007 8:09:51 AM

Pros: Lots of features and well layed out. Just about any CPU cooler will fit (though see below.) Comes with 12(!) USB ports, four on the back of the mb, four more coming out to included screw-in slot covers, leaving four for your front panel. The board also has provisions for ESATA (external SATA and external power, also on a supplied screw-in slot covers.

Cons: When used with a Tuniq tower CPU cooler, the cooler hits the top of one of the Gigabyte copper cooling stacks. It's not a big deal and isn't a show-stopper, as all it does is bend down a tiny bit. The irony is that the Gigabyte cooler ends up helping to support the heavy Tuniq.

Overall Review: If you use a long graphics card like the 8800 series, it gets really close to the memory DIMM sockets, so make sure to install the memory first. I've had really reliable Gigabyte bds before, so I'm hoping for more of the same. Plugged all the parts in, prayed, and switched it on -- came right, as it should be.

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6/14/2007 8:36:39 AM

Pros: Very nicely made. No razer-sharp edges like on some cases. I liked how the paneling makes a dull "thud" instead of a metallic sound when tapped on. This results in an acoutically quiet setup. Also, to the other reviewer here who said his front panel hinge doesn't go 270deg. Yes it does, you just have to push on it. There's a detent that makes it stop at 180deg, but it does indeed go to 270deg.

Cons: Not much. I guess I'd like to see another included fan for the "middle" position, but it's all good. Oh, and the instruction book says there's extra hardware included in the little tool box.. no there isn't. It may already be in the bag of hardware, or it just isn't included.

Overall Review: I got all full of myself after designing and building a car from scratch ( yet felt like a dope when I couldn't figure out how the middle fan mounts. The instruction book says to install it "as shown" but there are no pictures. Actually there is, it's inside the bag with the extra fan mounting clips.

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