Best Lapboard You Can Buy5/28/2018 5:21:14 PM

Pros: -Comfortable cushion -Slim design, no extra bulk -Excellent wireless functionality -The k63 keyboard that fits this is great, and doesn't have overbearing clicks. You also get access to music play buttons and volume control. Super handy. -The fact you can utilize an external keyboard instead of both units being on one awkward piece (see other) -Decent battery life (around 2 days of use) , and has a pass through so you can play while it's charging if you forget to charge it over night. -They sent extra clips :)

Cons: - No mouse dongle :/ (they expect you to pair with a wireless mouse >.<) -- This is kind of an extend con from above. I use the naga / death adder for multiple genres so rebuying both in wireless options for worse performance isn't an idea situation. I was able to dongle my wired mouse through the right most clip bracket but no inherit option is a big boo in my book. - The K63 board that fits this board only comes in blue. Although "technically" minor, a really stupid decision when chromatic options are becoming standard. Especially with the board itself being the bulk of the cost.

Overall Review: This product worked great for me, but I also knew what to expect. I did a setup awhile back where my wife and I can both work from our recliners / sofa, so I needed a lapboard. At the time only the Roccat Sova was a viable option and this improved lapboard wasn't out. The Sova was a great board, until it randomly died. It was also just a touch too bulky when compared to this one. Anyway, if the this board randomly dies, then I'm not out an entire unit like with other models, because the keyboard can be replaced. So back to the setup.. put the desktops on utility carts and mounted the monitor on a full tilt monitor arm and now my pcs are next to me while I enjoy my activities from my recliner. This lapboard is by far the best thing available. I already wasted the money on DIY options and tried just a basic piece of wood. This is worth the money and I highly recommend it so far.

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