Great case, great customer support1/6/2020 1:53:27 PM

Overall Review: There are plenty of reviews out there you can read about this case, professional and customer feedback so I won't really go into how awesome (for me) this case is. I just wanted to comment on how fantastic customer support was for me. I had a faulty front USB port and contacted customer support not really expecting much but they responded to me right away and within 24 hours they sent me a replacement cable via FedEx International Priority. Extremely happy with Lian LI's support, they'll be the first ones I look at when I replacement my main desktop Phanteks case. That company never replied to me when I had a faulty fan hub in my Evolv X, so thank you Lian-Li!

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Great 78708/12/2013 8:39:04 AM

Pros: The 7870 may not be the latest thing out there any more, but for those in need for another card for crossfire or just something a little more unique, this is a great version of the 7870. My temps are lower than what the reviewers are getting. OC'd to 1200mhz and staying in the mid-60's. High quality cooler and card. Very slick little card. Great fit in my BF Prodigy.

Cons: Price could be lower, simple research shows that in this price bracket you could get a 760 for the same price and higher performance. I didn't need the best performance for the price since this is not in my primary rig, which is why I went this route.

Overall Review: I initially had temps in the low to mid 70's like most reviewers out there, but I just felt the HSF could do better. I removed it, cleaned the stock paste and reapplied new paste and brought temps down nearly 10C inside my Prodigy which doesn't have the best airflow. If you know what you're buying, you'll be very happy.

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Could be a good board, but boot loops and GB CS gives me pause12/23/2012 11:59:10 PM

Pros: Once it boots though, it works flawlessly. Love the high quality feel.

Cons: My first Gigabyte board in some time may be my last. This board had great reviews, so I decided to finally try something other than Asus and I'm starting to regret my decision. I've tried every BIOS they have for this board yet I get constant boot loops. It's so frustrating to have to struggle with something as simple as booting up my computer. Once I get it going sure it works fine, but I hate that I fear shutting down my computer. I disabled sleep and try to keep my computer running 24/7 just so I won't have to power down and have a nightmare getting it to boot up. I've tried various PSU/RAM/GPU/USB devices, I blamed the MB last while trouble shooting and it just being an expensive mistake.

Overall Review: Sadly, it looks like the only way Gigabyte responds to tech support is by writing a negative review. I would have given GB the benefit of the doubt if they'd respond to my email but I guess I have to resort to this to get my board replaced.

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What could have been.10/14/2011 12:12:00 PM

Pros: Back before FW:0007 they were solid drives. Dependable and fast.

Cons: Ever since the 0007 update, they have developed a horrible sleeping bug. Most people use this drive as a primary drive, so it crashes on them. I use an always dependable Intel SSD as my primary (never had a sleep crash) so I got to see my computer wake up, but Intel RST would tell me drives had been removed. Well sure enough, every time it was my 2 C300's that vanished. Sometimes one, sometimes both at once. Rebooting the computer wouldn't bring them back. You need to do a shutdown and boot back up, the drives come back, no data lost. Sometimes, if my computer was inactive but not in sleep for a while, it would drop the drives without entering sleep mode. Since sleep mode is vital in modern laptops/desktops, I would not recommend this drive. Sure maybe on paper they are faster than the Intel X25M g2's and 320's i've begun to replace them with, but at least they can handle sleep mode without crashing on me.

Overall Review: Don't bother going to the crucial forums for support, your best bet is to avoid 0007 like the plague. The only thing that will happen on the crucial forum is that you and your hardware will be blamed, their mods will act as if you're the first to ever bring up this mysterious problem. Their support forum is laughable, you're only accepted there if you go there to praise them. I wish Newegg carried more 1.8" drives from Intel (higher capacity) as I want to replace the C300's in my Vaio Z

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fantastic headphones4/23/2009 11:38:04 AM

Pros: My shure e2c's fell apart on me (no knock on them, i did abuse them) so I went looking for another pair of headphones, but didn't really feel like paying a Shure price since I just use my mp3 player @ the gym. Well, despite finding little in the way of reviews for these JVC's I went with them hoping for the best and I'm glad I did. These headphones are amazing esp if you factor in the price. They sound just as good if not BETTER than my e2c's and they are SOOOOOOO much more comfortable than the shure's. Bass is strong without being over powering and the clarity of the mid's and high's is great. Highly recommended. With my shure's i always thought it would be great if my Zune had equalizer settings to fine tune the sound, but with these I hadn't even missed that feature. The all metal construction looks to be far more solid than the plastic shure's that cracked on me too.

Cons: the cord is a little bit on the short side, it's zero problem when i'm running (actually prefer it to the longer cord of the shure) but when plugged into the workout machine's tvs, i do wish the cord was as long as the shure's

Overall Review: good looking, strong metal casing, great sound.

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