It pleases me6/7/2010 7:36:20 PM

Pros: quick & portable machine, all hardware works as expected, long battery life, multi-gesture touchpad

Cons: docked one star because the right side of the space bar (about 1/2 - 3/4") does not acknowledge when it is pressed - drives me crazy! other than that I don't find the keyboard to be too squishy.

Overall Review: expected cons- fingerprint magnet, super glossy display unexpected pros - squeezes into 10.2" netbook sleeves installed a dual boot with 64 bit linux mint 9 easily; tried latest live usb versions of ubuntu and fedora without problems, multi-gesture touchpad not quite as functional in linux as in windows with current defaults; updated wifi driver but may not have been necessary; hulu desktop for linux with new 64 bit flash driver works great

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Easy upgrade for PS33/11/2009 5:35:16 PM

Pros: Very quiet Don't even know its there

Cons: None

Overall Review: Very nice long-awaited upgrade for what was a 20GB PS3. Have now used it quite a bit, downloading movies and games with no problem. Definitely worth every penny.

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Nice upgrade for me3/11/2009 5:26:59 PM

Pros: Long battery life; Mute on each handset Ringtones & ability to personalize ringtone by caller Volume controls for handset and ringer Speakerphone on each handset Intuitive menus; Nice display Visual voicemail & CID indicators Headset jacks and belt clips for each handset Call privacy (no one can join your call from another handset if this is selected) Light as air (could be a con too I suppose)

Cons: Display is pretty but could have brighter schemes Display could light up when you get a call

Overall Review: Really happy with this. Replaced an old Panasonic I loved but which, even with new batteries, only gave me 3h of talk time before it started beeping. On the Uniden, I haven't discovered the low battery point yet. It is supposed to give you 10h of talk time. I can surf the web wirelessly while on the phone, a huge improvement with the DECT 6.0. I also don't get static-y interference from the microwave anymore. I do get some clicking, but that is much easier on the ear than the roar I used to get. I use Vonage, so the base is a few feet away from the wireless router and next to a PC. I have not experienced any issues with their proximity. Much clearer reception with the Uniden, very quiet, no background noise at all. Really happy with it. Bought it even with some negative reviews because it had everything I wanted and I figured maybe there are just some lemons.

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