Great Looking Cable & High Quality10/4/2013 7:31:52 PM

Pros: - High quality Cable - Beautiful Single Sleeving Looks Very Sleek - Adds 10" to those Graphics Card Power Cables from the Power Supply Unit That would otherwise be too short. - Dresses up the look inside your case as well. This cable can be used just to better the look of your cables. Connect it to your graphics card and hide your ugly wires behind the motherboard tray. - Firm connections and contacts won't come loose. - Supports both 6 pin and 8 pin graphics cards - Converts a 6 pin power supply cable into an 8 pin graphics card cable

Cons: - At 10" it could be a little short if you have your graphics card further away from a case cabling hole which would prevent you from completely hiding your ugly cable completely. However, 90% of the time this wouldn't be an issue and honestly I couldn't think of any Cons for this. =)

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Powers Ethernet Devices Without Needing Any Additional Power Cable9/27/2013 3:00:34 PM

Pros: Small, Simple to Use and Setup. Really is just Plug and Play. The instructions go into detail on different network setup options, but they really aren't needed as the device is clearly marked how to connect it into your network. Combines both Power and Data into a single Ethernet data cable allowing you to connect devices such as an Ethernet Security Camera in locations where there is no power source. This can be a huge labor saver also eliminating the need for an electrician.

Cons: Really not a con due to the technology, but PoE (Power over Ethernet) will only work with supported PoE Devices, these devices are not extremely common. so just make sure the camera or other network device you have are PoE Capable.

Overall Review: Includes everything you need to start using this. Includes: Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Instruction Manual, and of course the PoE Injector itself. This little device allows you to power any PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported devices by the same Ethernet cable used to connect the device to a network. This device eliminates the need for an additional power source at the end point location. Example: Lets say you wanted to install a Security Camera in a location that didn't have any power outlets near it, maybe outside to view your patio area or driveway for security. The camera will need power as well as an Ethernet data connection, but with this device it also sends the power over the same Ethernet cable as the data line.

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Great Quality Switch! Fast Transfer Rates & Easy Setup!4/11/2013 10:17:04 PM

Pros: Solid Quality Build Construction. Made from thick gauge cold steel. Supports QoS (IEEE 802.1p) function Fanless and Cool Running. Plug and Play as a Network Switch should be! Easily can be mounted to a wall or desk. Automatic detection of cable type used and Automatic Configuration makes it totally plug and play out of the box! Up to 2000Mbps full duplex bandwidth speeds Easily allows you to expand your network from the limited amount of ports on your existing router. Each port has LED indicator lights to show connectivity and activity of each LAN port. Power adapter has a sideways turned plug so that you wont block other outlets on a power strip.

Cons: Others might say having the LAN ports on the front of the unit is a bad thing especially for home use, but its really not a big deal. Plus you can always turn it around and face it away from you leaving only the power cord facing you.

Overall Review: Very well designed and very solid build quality. Nice compact form factor too. Made from strong cold steel. Ports and power jack are sturdy as well. Fast transfer rates, really no complaints. 5 Year Limited Warranty on Parts & Labor is very nice to have. Also shows that the company stands behind their quality products. What is a Network Switch: A Network Switch is a device that allows more than one computer or device to be connected to a network. It is basically a splitter that turns one ethernet port into multiple ports. Similar to a router, but on a very basic level. TP-LINK makes quality networking products I have had great experiences from their WIFI adapters and Ethernet over Power Line adapters. Packaging: This item comes in a thin cardboard box that is the same width and length as the switch itself. There is only enough room for the bag its wrapped in and no padding except for the underside. Keep this in mind when having it shipped, but otherwise if buying from Newegg, no worries because it will get shipped in a large box filled with foam or padding all around. Anyway, this device is built extremely solid as well. Package Contents: TP-LINK 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch User Guide (Small but covers everything necessary) Power Adapter (Model # T090085-2B1) 9VDC 0.85A

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Great Protective Case!4/19/2010 11:40:42 PM

Pros: Great Protective Case Specifically Designed for the Garmin GPS.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Case is a slide in sleeve. I would rather it have been a flip open with a window so that you can use the GPS while it is in the case.

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