Excellent Product2/1/2012 9:01:59 AM

Pros: This is an excellent NAS. It's replacing a P4 server that is big, loud, and consumes lots of power. This NAS was small, quiet, powerful, easy to configure, easy to install. It's also quite attractive.

Cons: Only one -- the NAS software was not installed automatically using the installation program -- I had to select the image from the CD manually. This was not a problem because the images are named logically after the model of the NAS.

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Good Price2/1/2012 8:59:21 AM

Pros: It was incredibly cheap -- hard drives skyrocketed for a while and I was glad to see this drive at a good price level. I bought two for a NAS RAID Mirror setup. They are quiet, cool, and have low power requirements.

Cons: The only thing I am unhappy with is that one of the drives inside my NAS is making a clicking noise. I think it will fail soon -- although the SMART tests (short and extended) don't indicate any problems -- yet.

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Decent Video Card4/14/2009 5:35:07 PM

Pros: This card does what it needs to do. It plays all the light 3D games we've thrown at it.

Cons: he default desktop colors are washed out. Just use the control panel to adjust brightness and contrast and gamma and it works fine.

Overall Review: I like the HDMI connector although I haven't tried it yet.

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Decent Motherboard4/14/2009 5:33:13 PM

Pros: So far, so good. For a cheap motherboard, it does what it does. I had zero problems installing components. It booted up on the first try.

Cons: The case I bought does not have a split power LED lead (it has a 3 prong lead) and the motherboard only accepts the 2 prong lead. I don't care because I don't like the LED to be on constantly anyway, but other people might have a problem. The audio connector does not always work by default. There's a setting in the driver to "ignore front jack status" and when I check that on, the problem goes away and doesn't seem to cause any other problems.

Overall Review: I didn't use the onboard video -- I put in a PCIEx card instead. I can't rate the onboard video quality.

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Decent Case4/14/2009 5:29:03 PM

Pros: For a home-build, this is a decent case. It's easy to open and access internals. Popping off the front bezel is no problem. The paint job is good enough quality that I think this case will last a while. The bezel covers the DVD drive, which is nice. Installation was quick and easy.

Cons: The fan in the power supply is louder than I think it should be. The buttons to open the DVD drive are not the best shape, so I had to rig it with a small piece of rubber.

Overall Review: I have had no problems with the case.

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