Decent, with caveats.1/10/2013 4:07:55 PM

Pros: Let's start with the high points. Be sure to read the Other Thoughts section. - Great build quality - Comfortable for extended use. - Decent battery life. - Fantastic range. - The docking station (Cable management). - Convenient volume dial and mic mute button.

Cons: - Initial sound quality (See other thoughts). - Mic quality

Overall Review: If you require a wireless headset with high end sound and mic quality, move along. Sadly, here's nothing to see here. The outstanding build quality and initial impression of the G930 is marred by terrible drivers, poor sound quality, and a sub-par mic. A price point of around $75.00 dollars would make these flaws acceptable. If you MUST purchase this: 1) Do not download the latest driver from Logitech's website. Instead, do a search for an old G930 beta driver. The one you're looking for was released back in 2010. Sound quality with the newest driver is abysmal with extremely distorted bass and generally poor sound quality. These older drivers, for the most part, correct the issue and the sound quality is dramatically improved. 2) Windows will encode audio from the mic @ 16 bit, 16000 Hz quality audio by default. There is no way to adjust this. Windows classifies this as "Tape Recorder Quality", and it sounds terrible in applications that use high quality audio decoders, like those found on Vent servers, etc. This is a technical limitation regarding bandwidth issues and will not be addressed. It's a shame that this feature rich headset excels in every other application other than what it's supposed to do the best. Avoid this and check out the Creative Tactic 3D Omega, or go take the higher road and look for the Astro A50 (not available on Newegg).

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A top-tier marvel12/1/2012 1:37:53 AM

Pros: - Enormous amounts of work space. - Hot swappable front HDD bays pre-wired w/ SATA cables. - Loads of room for multiple water cooling loops. - Excellent air cooling. - Easy to remove/clean dust filters. - Fits GFX and extended length PSU's of any size. - An almost excessive amount of storage expansion slots. - World class cable management.

Cons: - This case is extremely large. - It weighs almost 50 pounds empty. - Various plastic elements take away from the overall excellent build quality. - The fan controller does not retain memory of fan speed or color settings when powered off.

Overall Review: Nothing will prepare you for the size of this thing, so small room or apartment dwellers must take special consideration to this. Don't even think about setting it on top of a desk, or under one for that matter. The overall build quality is outstanding, only to be outshines by a few Case Labs products. While not exactly a watercooler's dream case, it's layout is able to accommodate a reasonably sized dual loop system with some basic modifications. The Corsair H100i is supported right out of the box for those looking for a quick, effective solution. It's able to hold just about any form factor motherboard and PSU, including EVGA's newest high end PSU. It's a dream to work in. If you have the space for it, you won't be disappointed.

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A world class consumer SSD.6/3/2012 5:13:25 PM

Pros: - It's the single fastest consumer SSD on the market. No other single consumer level SSD can touch its performance. - Built in TRIM support (this is a RAID 0 device) using proprietary methods and controllers designed by OCZ. This means minimal performance degradation over time. - Speeds are in line with the previous reviewers. I won't regurgitate their information. - Functions as a boot device, provided that your motherboard supports boot devices from PCI-E.

Cons: - Sadly, the price per gigabyte is absolutely obscene. - Windows boot times will generally be around 10 seconds longer when compared to an OCZ Vertex 3 (See other thoughts)

Overall Review: If you require very fast Windows 7 boot times, then you may want to consider purchasing an additional boot SSD (I recommend the Vertex 4). Do not expect lightning fast boot times. My machine boots from BIOS to desktop in around 50 seconds. Once the device makes it past the Windows logo screen, the speed is superb and startup applications load very, very quickly. I can only assume that this is due to driver initialization, operational checks, other hardware related delays. Also, If you're coming from another high end single SSD, don't expect to notice crazy throughput gains unless you frequently transfer or process files that exceed 20+ GB.

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For the money, I'll pass.5/17/2012 1:14:30 AM

Pros: - Well built - Rivetless, uni-body. - Tons of room for lots of high end water cooling equipment. - Supports very large form factor motherboards.

Cons: - The cost.

Overall Review: Prior to purchasing this case, I strongly recommend that everyone look at the custom offerings over at Case Labs. Anything in their Magnum series is absolutely superior to this case for around the same price and holds an absolutely absurd amount of WC equipment.

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