Best Professional Gaming Laptop4/22/2018 5:20:18 PM

Pros: - Raid 0 support. Currently running two Samsung 960 Pro NVMe 512GB for a 1TB combined drive. - Very nice build quality. Its 90% the quality of a MacBook. - Great keyboard feel. - Getting 55-60 FPS in PUBG with everything on ultra and screen sale at 120 with max draw distance. (using Vsync) - Supports TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for those who might want to put their corporate image on it. - I have no problems opening this is front of the clients I consult for. Very professional. - Great Screen. Colors look great. - Easy to remove case to upgrade components. Just make sure you have a T6 driver. - Comes with one 16GB ram stick. This means you can just buy a second 16GB ram stick to get to 32GB. - Removable WiFi/Bluetooth dongle should you need to upgrade down the road for wireless AD. - Has light sensor so you can use auto brightness. Its nice when moving inside/outside and though different rooms. - Battery like a MacBook. I can make it though a normal 8+ hour work day without fighting for the one seat in the board room which has access to a plug.

Cons: - Track Pad Drivers are really bad. They lag big time. You can google how to change them to windows precision and that fixes the problem - The speakers are not loud enough. With the fans going 100% its hard to hear PUBG. You will need headphones. - You must download the Nvidia drivers from Gigabyte not Nvidia. They are custom so if you download straight from Nvidia they will not install.

Overall Review: I'm converting from a 2015 MacBook Pro. Long story short, I don't miss my MacBook. Reinstalling Windows: After reinstalling windows I noticed the Nvidia GPU would not turn on for games. You must download the Intel Graphics drivers from Gigabyte after reinstalling windows in addition to the Nvidia driver. The Intel driver is how the computer determines if the Nvida GPU needs to kick in for the task/game. You can also right click any file and say run with dedicated GPU if it starts with the Intel Graphics card. I found myself needing to do this for older games. Raid Setup: If you do the raid 0 you will need to go into the BIOS and select the Intel RST with Optane support under SATA type. Then save and exit. Then go to the bios and create the raid disk. Then you will need to go to Intel's site and download file and exact this onto the USB flash drive you will be using to install windows. Then when installing windows you won't see the drive but click "locate drivers" and pick the folder. Then windows will see the disk after it loads the drivers you put on the flash drive. I spent a few hours on this and i'm hopeful this info might save others time.

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Super Fast4/2/2011 3:57:42 AM

Pros: The drive came with a mount for my desktop This drive is SUPER QUICK (fastest on the market) Windows boots and shutdown in less than 10 seconds. things install almost instantly!

Cons: 120GB for $300 seems steep but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: I went from a 7200rpm HDD to this and I am still in awe. I just cant get over this double click and before you blink it is up! Get one if you can you wont regret it.

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