Amazing Card6/12/2011 2:37:10 PM

Pros: everything about it only $140

Cons: none

Overall Review: Almost identical performance to my 4870x2 at 3x less the price of what i payed for my 4870x2. Tesselation is amazing. card never went above 51c at idle fan speed, and never went above 45c at 100% fan speed. Great cooling design with the heatpipes. 2 6pin connectors so you know this is a powerful card. plays BFBC2 with 80fps avg at 1080p with max settings no aa, and no HBAO. great card no problems with it.

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1/27/2011 7:20:18 AM

Pros: Stays very cool. 5% less fps than a 570 when overclocked produces only a few more degrees cleclius when overclocked due to good coolling.

Cons: only 2 way sli.

Overall Review: Guy below me, why would you comment and rate 2 stars on a product you dont even own. If you really did have one you would know that this outperforms a 6950, and in some games the 6970, especially when overclocked. And this is the best price/performance card on the market, you have no idea what your talking about.

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Works like a BAUSS!!12/27/2010 10:37:31 PM

Pros: All buttons worked right away when plugged in, easy to install altest drivers, no problems at all. The LEDs are the perfect blue. easy to set up macros(i have never done before) Very quiet clicking and mouse wheel scrolling, something i'v ealways been looking for. Me and my friend both got this mouse and no problems. Does what it says and the feel of the mouse is just so soothing that you always want to hold it in your hand. Big enough for the biggest of hands like mine.

Cons: only happens to a few people but if u have a dirty/dusty desk, the white part around the infrared laser collects a wax like substance, doesnt interfere but i clean it off multiple times a day.

Overall Review: will upload a video review here when i do one

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